Kirk makes his case for why the deal will benefit the US, and what the effort to pass the bill through Congress will look like.

Volkswagen Executive to Testify Before Congress
  • Thu, October 08, 2015

Volkswagen executive expected to give congressional testimony, Heating oil usage drops, California governor signs Fair Pay Act and more.

Hillary's Proposed Tough New Rules for Wall Street
  • Thu, October 08, 2015

Hillary Clinton is proposing a tax on the flash boys that may be unlike any in the world. Bloomberg's Phil Mattingly reports on "Bloomberg Markets."

Icahn: Tax Code Could Force "Mass Exodus" of U.S. Companies
  • Tue, September 29, 2015

Icahn: Tax code could force mass exodus of U.S. companies

Group Unloads Over Delays Releasing Clinton Aides' Email
  • Fri, September 18, 2015

Citizens United is blasting the State Department for delays in the release of email messages sent or received by top aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In a court filing Friday, Citizens United accused the agency of defying a court order to produce emails belonging to former Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin earlier this week.

Democratic Donors Urge Joe Biden to Challenge Hillary Clinton
  • Fri, September 18, 2015

A group of prominent Democratic Party fundraisers on Friday began circulating a letter to encourage a hesitant Vice President Joe Biden to enter the 2016 race for U.S. president.

Fmr. Fed Economist: Most Shocking, Non-Decision by the Fed I've Ever Seen
  • Fri, September 18, 2015

Former Federal Reserve Economist David Jones, RBS Chief U.S. Economist Michelle Girard and United Advisors Chief Market Strategist Scott Martin react to the Fed's surprising decision not to raise interest rates. The impact could have repercussions for investors and the 2016 election.

Bill Ackman: More Simplified Tax System Could Go a Very Long Way
  • Thu, September 10, 2015

Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb and billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman discuss 2016 presidential politics and taxes.

What is Holding Back Small Business in America?
  • Tue, September 08, 2015

NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg on the state of small business in America.

Ben Stein on Who's to Blame for Stock Market Woes
  • Fri, September 04, 2015

The "Sunday Morning" commentator says experts and politicians who blame China for the U.S. stock market's recent downturn are missing the point.

How Much Money Can You Save on Gas this Labor Day Weekend?
  • Thu, September 03, 2015

GasBuddy.coms Gregg Laskoski breaks down the amount of money Americans could reportedly save on gasoline over Labor Day weekend.

Markets Distorted by the Fed?
  • Tue, September 01, 2015

Pento Portfolio Strategies Founder Michael Pento shares his predictions for the stock market and how the Federal Reserve is reacting.

Interesting Week for the Dollar
  • Fri, August 14, 2015

Gas More Expensive? You Can Thank BP For That
  • Fri, August 14, 2015

According to AAA, it could be the end of September before gas prices in the Great Lakes region move lower, though BP is likely losing big after a major refinery issue.

Experts: China Won't Affect Fed Calculus
  • Fri, August 14, 2015

Discussing whether the Chinese currency move will change the mind of the Fed to raise rates in September, with Boris Schlossberg, BK Asset Management, and Peter Boocvkcar, The Lindsey Group.

Retail Sales Bounce Back
  • Thu, August 13, 2015

Pal: U.S. Could Be Headed for Recession
  • Thu, August 13, 2015

Raoul Pal, Global Macro Investor, discusses what investors should be concerned with in regard to the latest global markets.

Will Consumer Shift Spell Department Stores' Doom?
  • Thu, August 13, 2015

Ken Natori, VP of e-commerce, finance, licensing and public relations at The Natori Company, examines the shift of consumers from brick and mortar stores to e-commerce. He speaks on "Market Makers."

Auto Loans At Record Highs
  • Wed, August 12, 2015

Doll: China Move Hurts U.S. Least
  • Wed, August 12, 2015

Discussing the market impact from slowing in China's economy, with Bob Doll, Nuveen Asset Management.

Wind Energy Costs Hit Record Low as Production Increases
  • Wed, August 12, 2015

According to a new Energy Department report, wind energy is cheaper than ever before in the United States and advances in turbine technology have helped make America the No. 1 global producer of wind energy.

Kostin: Domestic Demand, Not China, Determines Economic Growth
  • Tue, August 11, 2015

China devalued its currency, and many fear the impact from China, but David Kostin, Goldman Sachs, says domestic demand is key for growth.

Warren Buffett Most Notable Transactions
  • Tue, August 11, 2015

In more than 50 years of investing, Warren Buffett has bought and sold stakes in some of the biggest companies in the world through his Berkshire Hathaway vehicle. As the famous investor unveils his biggest deal yet, the $37.2bn takeover of Precision Castparts, here are some of his most notable transactions.

The New Obama Rule That's Making Stockbrokers Swear
  • Mon, August 10, 2015

In April, two months after President Obama proposed a rule that would require financial advisers to serve the best interests of their clients, a Merrill Lynch executive named John Thiel publicly suggested the industry ought to embrace the new regulatory approach to retirement investments.


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