My Name is Barack and I "Might" Have a Spending Problem --Ransom Notes Live My Name is Barack and I "Might" Have a Spending Problem --<font color="red">Ransom Notes Live</font>

Video: DNC Chair Struggles When Grilled About Democrats’ Support For Obama’s Policies<font color="red">Video: DNC Chair Struggles When Grilled About Democrats’ Support For Obama’s Policies</font>

Social Security benefits to go up by 1.7 percentSocial Security benefits to go up by 1.7 percent

Michael Schaus Michael Schaus: Seattle Socialists Get Schooled in Minimum Wage

Socialist agitators, who demand a livable wage of at least $20 per hour can only afford to shell out an hourly wage of $13 for each of their loyal employees.

John Ransom John Ransom: It's War and Peace, Stupid

Even Obama will not remain insulated from the pressures of party politics if his party fails this election cycle half as badly as his foreign and defense policies have failed the country.

Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey: Dave Says: Education is Key – So Long As You’re Not Getting a Degree in German Polka History

As long as you're studying something that has marketplace application, youre setting the stage to make back the money that was put into your degree.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: Eurozone Rotting to the Core

A recession in Germany is a given, but when? Its export model has held up better than I expected given a clear slowdown in the global economy.

Political  Calculations Political Calculations: FY 2014: To Whom Does the U.S. Government Owe Money?

Who were the major holders of debt issued by the U.S. federal government as of the end of its 2014 fiscal year?

Night Watch Night Watch: Region Rallies Around Syrian Kurds as ISIS Tries for Kobani

The siege of Kobani is forcing actors to cooperate who would otherwise be enemies. It also is forcing the enemies of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to ignore established state boundaries in the interest of blocking ISIL.

Charles Payne Charles Payne: Old Companies Blowing It...Grand Old Party...Hope Not!

The midterms are two weeks from now, and either it's going to be the most boring midterm election in history, or the mainstream media isn't going to be happy about the polls, but investors might be, and of course, with so much despair out there, everyone is interested in where we go from here.

Ransom Notes Radio Ransom Notes Radio: A Bad Day for Buffett and Big Government

The Oracle of Omaha sure didnt see this coming Warren Buffett lost a billion dollars on a couple of bad investments. Also, John talked about the power that the internet has to democratize information; and upset the old guards of Big Government.

Ralph Benko Ralph Benko: Billionaire Peter Thiel: "We Don't Live In A Normal World; We Live Under A Power Law."

When George Gilder, arguably the smartest man in the world, says, as he said to me over dinner recently in Washington, DC, that Peter Thiel is the smartest man in the world pay attention.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: The Real-World Impact of Higher Tax Rates on Upper-Income Households

The question that policy makers should ask themselves is whether theyre willing to impose $10 or $20 of damage to the private sector in order to collect $1 of additional revenue.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: Boys Don’t Play ‘Soldier’ Anymore

Whatever happened to war heroes ? As a small boy I remember watching over and over with rapt attention the movie To Hell and Back, the story of Audie Murphy, America's most decorated hero of World War II...

Nick Sorrentino Nick Sorrentino: Student activist kicked off college for asking if “big government sucks?”

This is right up there with the kid in Hawaii who was told by campus cops he couldnt hand out copies of the Constitution.

John Ransom John Ransom: The Petro-States in Shambles Despite Obama

Despite an administration that has no energy policy, free market forces in the United States are finding a way to provide relief from high prices for an economy that greatly needs the respite.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: M&A Deals Fail At Highest Rate Since 2008

In yet another potential market topping sign, M&A Deals Fail At Highest Rate Since 2008

Video: The Star-Spangled Banner Performed with a Mini-14
In Other News: Obama Appoints Ebola Czar; And No, It's Not Hillary
Video: Democrat Senator Can't Name a Single Obama Agenda Item He Would Oppose
Yellen says US experiencing widening inequality
Video: MSNBC's Alex Wagner: GOP's Concern Over Ebola is "Thinly Veiled Racism"   (21)  
Bank of England chief economist: rates to stay low
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