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The good news is that our illustrious President, Barak Hussein Obama, is finally getting some desperately needed business experience. He’s working as an insurance salesman.

The bad news is, he’s not like one of the good insurance salesmen, the qualified financial advisors who have insurance products as part of an overall offering. He’s like one of the bad ones. Like a sleazy captive agent of some low-budget offshore firm, scaring little old ladies into buying overpriced policies they don’t even need.

Hold on, however, because that’s not the really bad part. The really bad part is that he’s using the power of his elected office to do it.

Our president has actually arranged to have a law passed saying you must buy insurance from him. Even if you can’t buy it, because you don’t have any money, or don’t need or want it, or because you pay cash for medical care--or because when you do try to buy it from him all you ever get is a frozen web site or a busy signal on the phone--that’s no excuse!

And the guy that runs your bank owes him a favor, so if you don’t buy, your banker will just let him take the money right out of your account. But that will be a fine. In other words, if you refuse to buy, they will seize the money anyway, and then not even give you the insurance!

I know it sounds crazy, I can hardly believe it myself.

How could any American not feel a sense of disgust, or at least shame, upon seeing our president hawking his insurance from the White House Rose Garden.

“The product is good” he exhorted. “Its high quality, and affordable”

Even the newest rookie insurance salesman knows that you don’t sell insurance that way. You don’t talk about how good your product is.

You get your potential client to think about what bad things could happen, how nice it would be to have protection for that. You let your clients know that your care about them, that you have their best interest in mind.

You close the deal, sure, but you at least let the client feel like they have a choice, that they are in control.

But Obama can’t do that. He doesn’t have his clients’ best interest at heart.“The product is good”? That’s the sales pitch of a petty drug dealer slinging rocks on a corner.

Americans already have all the best products in the world. We don’t need a good product. We need a good President.

Phillip Bartling

Forex Investment Management LLC is run by Phillip Bartling.

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