Michael Schaus

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

CNN has drastically revised school-shooting stats that were provided to them by Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group. Apparently, the numbers were inflated by Bloomberg…but that’s not the shocking part. The fact that CNN tried to verify facts has the world of journalism completely floored. (Daily Caller)

Vladimir Putin just insists on provoking us. Two Russian bombers were “intercepted” when they wandered into US air space near Northern California. They said it was merely an accident. “Yeah… We didn’t think this looked like Ukraine…” (Free Beacon)

Nobody won the Nevada Democrat primary for Governor… No, really: More Dems chose “none of the above” rather than any of the candidates. First of all, it’s awesome that's a choice. Second of all, this basically hands the Democrat nominee an easy campaign slogan: “Nobody is better than me.” (Las Vegas CBS)

A Government Union wants two employees fired for putting “Duck Dynasty” stickers on their personal vehicles. Because obviously, liking a television program can be a fireable offense. (Why do we still call them labor unions? Why don’t we just call them the Jimmy Hoffa wing of the Democrat Party?) (Fox News)

Just a quick update on a former story: Remember how the Obama Administration accidently released the name of the CIA chief in Afghanistan (oops). Yeah, they still haven’t fired anyone over that… But, yeah, liberals are right: Scooter Libby totally got what he deserved. (The Fox Nation)

Michael Schaus

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