John Ransom

As I said just now on the radio, former undercover FBI agent Ron Fino today told me that a high level source in the intelligence community has confirmed that a ransom was paid by the Obama administration for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

"I have learned from high level intelligence sources," says Fino, "that a ransom was also paid in getting Sgt Bergdahl released. I am sure it was not direct [payment] but via a Qatar operation."

Speculation about a ransom has been rampant since the release of Bergdahl.

Today our own Guy Benson wrote:

Now the Washington Free Beacon hastracked down a senior US intelligence official who effectively endorses the idea as not just plausible, but likely -- a conclusion buttressed by his extensive experience dealing with the Haqqani network.

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John Ransom

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