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Diana West, author of American Betrayal and expert on the Middle East, joined Ransom Notes to discuss the curios way this Administration has approached the violence in Syria.

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Show Prep:

Diana West, author of American Betrayal, talks about the Syria debacle:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Any sort of military action would cause some turmoil in the Markets. . . But there is a reason that the Syria situation is causing a ton of uncertainty: Obama.

Number Two:

Here’s one of Bloomberg’ better headlines in recent weeks: “America's New Pastime: Investigating JPMorgan

Of course. . . They left out one important detail: Jamie Dimon has been openly critical of the Obama Administration. But I'm sure that's a coincidence. 

Number One:

So, what can we expect for the market, with Syria, and the debt ceiling, and all the other obstacles this fall?