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Posted January 24, 2014

Now there is word leaking out that the Obama Administration threatened S&P ahead of America’s credit downgrade. Given the other examples of Obama wielding the power of government to punish his political opponents, is this really surprising?

Posted January 23, 2014

Will you be watching the State of the Union? Really, what’s the point? Conn Carroll, managing editor for Townhall Magazine, joined John in a discussion about income inequality, poverty, and the left’s failed attempts to tackle societal issues.

Posted January 22, 2014

Is Barack Obama starting to look defeated? Between the scandals, the gridlock, and the failures of Obamacare, Obama might finally be showing some signs of defeat. Also, Neil Grossman discussed the impending doom of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Posted January 21, 2014

Are we any closer to achieving Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream after Obama’s tenure in the White House? If we judge by race relations, black unemployment, and Obama’s consistent charges of racism, I’d have to say “no.” Also, Brent Littlefield from Littlefield consulting joined the show to talk about the GOP’s chances in 2014.

Posted January 19, 2014

Nothing about the budget deal looks as if it is going to be a benefit… But at least there will be some certainty in DC as we move into 2014. The real question is whether or not anything will change between now and election time. Charles Payne, from Fox News, weighed in on budgets, the market, and 2014.

Posted January 18, 2014

And now even Democrats are running away from the President’s signature piece of legislation. John Hawkins, from Right Wing News, joined the program to discuss Democrat’s trying to distance themselves from the Obamacare trainwreck.

Posted January 17, 2014

Allen West joined Ransom Notes Radio to discuss the Administration’s Benghazi cover-up, and the White House’s abysmal record on race-based issues.

Posted January 15, 2014

Are you happy with Washington’s spending deal? The truth is, it is exactly what we’ve been dealing with for the last five years… And yet, Washington DC is bragging. Also, Grover Norquist weighs in on the tax and spend policies of DC.

Posted January 11, 2014

The abysmal jobs numbers certainly say something about the economic conditions of early 2014. The question is: Are Americans seeing an improvement in the economy, or are we just getting used to anemic growth?

Posted January 08, 2014

The Federal Government just got another settlement from JP Morgan Chase… Is it completely unbelievable that some of the Fed’s investigations into JP Morgan is politically motivated? Also, Brent Littlefield, from Littlefield Consulting, joined the program to discuss government gridlock and partisanship.

Posted January 07, 2014

Can President Obama campaign AND govern? Because it’s beginning to look like he can’t do either one right now. Katie Pavlich, from Townhall, joined the program to discuss the President’s most recent PR campaign for Obamacare.

Posted January 02, 2014

Looking back on 2013, it was a weird collection of news. Michael Schaus ran through the top Ransom Notes stories, the top ten ways government is wasting money, and the number one reason to never root for the Baltimore Ravens… Ever…

Posted December 30, 2013

Ezra Klein is an idiot… But Barbara Walters might have him beat

Posted December 28, 2013

MSNBC had a truly bizarre discussion about Jesus, sexuality, and freedom of speech… And, apparently, Christians are all somewhat gay cannibals. Michael Schaus also spoke with Amity Shlaes about the conservative legacy of Calvin Coolidge. (Yeah, strange topics. But, c’mon: It’s an hour long show... On a Friday.)

Posted December 27, 2013

It’s hard to argue that we are still a nation of laws when one man (residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) can unilaterally change the effect of duly passed legislation. Ilya Shapiro, with Cato, joined the program to discuss the many ways Obama is trying to shred the Constitution.

Posted December 26, 2013

Elbert Guillory, Louisiana State Senator and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, joined the program to discuss his challenges in running as an African American in a predominantly Democrat districts. Also, it’s coming up on Christmas… Are you planning on donating to charity?

Posted December 22, 2013

Obama’s brother has written a book – and he took a couple shots at the President’s uncanny ability to lie.

Posted December 21, 2013

With so many liberal reporters trying to help the President’s PR campaign for Obamacare, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out who gets this week’s “Ezra Klein is an Idiot” award. Also, Dan Mitchell joined the show to talk about the surprise growth in GDP.

Posted December 20, 2013

Now that the Fed has decided to (kinda) taper, it’s time to turn our attention back to what is really holding the economy down: Obamacare. And for this Thursday’s Powerful or Pitiful segment, Obamacare takes center stage.

Posted December 18, 2013

Is Obamacare going to get better or worse as time goes on? If early indications are anything to go on, the train-wreck-that-is Obamacare will only get worse in 2014. Mark Calabria, with Cato, also joined the program to discuss the Volcker rule and Dodd-Frank


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