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Posted December 19, 2014

Obama has sent hundreds of troops to Anbar province in Iraq I almost feel like we did this once before. Wouldnt it have been easier if we had never left the area in the first place? Michael Hausam also joined the show to talk about the chances of a Jeb Bush Presidential campaign.

Posted December 18, 2014

The Obama Administration is now looking to normalize relations with the communist nation of Cuba. Just picture it: A cigar-smoke filled back room in Cuba with a bunch of commies making empty promises Cuban officials will also be there.

Posted December 13, 2014

In response to the Democrat report on torture, Ron Paul wants to abolish the CIA. I think Rons a little off base here: We shouldnt abolish the CIA We should abolish the Democrat Party.

Posted December 12, 2014

Elbert Guillory weighed in on the opportunities for the GOP within the African American community. Also: A human rights activist says that Joe Biden attempted to correct her on one or two things about Islam. For visual aids, Im sure he was going to draw a picture using his box of crayons.

Posted December 10, 2014

President Obama is doing his part to help stir racial tensions. He said in a recent interview that police shoot black folks because white cops are often afraid of people who look different If you need me, Ill be over here clinging to my bible and my gun.

Posted December 05, 2014

Protesters in New York are upset over a black musician singing White Christmas, because snow is racist (or something). So, heres the big question: If winter is racist, shouldnt we be hoping for a little global warming?

Posted December 04, 2014

John Boehners idea of fighting Obamas executive amnesty is, apparently, to negotiate terms of surrender for House Republicans. Is he French?

Posted December 03, 2014

We officially have more than $18 trillion in National debt. (For those of you studying common-core math, that means that our debt has increased roughly 70 percent under Obama.) It turns out that government websites, IRS corruption, and clandestine gun-running operations, dont come cheap.

Posted December 02, 2014

Ferguson is still making headlines And Darren Wilson is not to blame. The Ferguson PD is not to blame. Democrats, on the other hand, are a little more responsible.

Posted November 22, 2014

Its bad enough that we have to deal with a President who behaves like an emperor But its almost unbearable that we have to deal with people like Nancy Pelosi as well.

Posted November 21, 2014

President Obama is apparently getting fed up with that whole separation of powers aspect of American government.

Posted November 19, 2014

Did you think that Bloomberg News was biased before? Well Just wait. Theyre already singing the praises of Elizabeth Warren. Also: John Kerry claims that he knows more about Islam than those dumb Islamic terrorists

Posted November 15, 2014

The professional snake-oil salesman, Jonathan Gruber, isnt just a lie and a cheat Hes an idiot. He can join the ranks of Ezra Klein, Nancy Pelosi, and even Hank Guam might tip over Johnson.

Posted November 14, 2014

Democrats are trying desperately to distance themselves from Jonathan Grubers comments about Obamacare Of course, its a tough considering that most of these Dems did their best to shill for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Posted November 11, 2014

It almost seems like Americans decided that they wanted some sort of change in DC last Tuesday But Im sure thats just some sort of political illusion, right? Bill Tatro joined the show to talk about the economic reasons behind the GOPs success last week.

Posted November 06, 2014

Republicans have seen a victory unlike anything since the 1920s But, thats kinda the consequence of Progressivism, right? Theyre always taking us backward.

Posted November 04, 2014

Is the President playing politics with the GDP numbers ahead of the election? (Again.) After all, it wouldnt be the first time he toyed with the economy for political gain. (And he can often get away with it, because he STILL has people comparing him to Jesus.)

Posted November 01, 2014

Heres a scary thought: Does Debbie Wasserman Schultz spy on you? Because according to a DNC mailer, the answer is yes. (Creepy.) Also, Ezra Klein may be an idiot But John Kerry is a disgrace.

Posted October 31, 2014

Thomas Miller, from Breitling Energy and Powering America Radio, joined the show to talk to John about oil prices hitting bottom:

Posted October 29, 2014

Every once in a while, Joe Biden seems to forget who he works for. Joe decided to point out the fact that, yep under Obama Americas middle class isnt doing so well. Also, Mark Skousen joined the show to talk about the health of the US economy.