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At a news conference, Anthony F. Essaye, a New York lawyer who is a trustee and the executive director of the Clinton Legal Expense Trust, said the trust received 29,500 contributions totaling about $2.2 million from last August through the end of last year. He said that so far in 1999 the trust has taken in another 11,000 contributions totaling more than $800,000.

And it’s not like the only reason the Clinton’s had any legal debt at all through 2003 was because they wanted the US taxpayers to pay for Bill Clinton’s IMPEACHMENT bill and were waiting for a ruling.

(From The New York Times 7-16-2003)

The government is not required to cover all the legal expenses that President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton accumulated during the Whitewater independent counsel investigation, a federal appeals court panel ruled today.

The Clintons had sought reimbursement for $3.5 million in legal fees.

And it’s not like both Clintons had book deals in the works worth tens of millions of dollars, or that Bill Clinton was running around earning millions in speaker’s fees.

(From CBS News 7-14-2005)

Noticeably absent from the power couple’s finances is the millions of dollars in speakers fees that the former president earned in past years.

Mr. Clinton earned $875,000 in speaking engagements in 2004. The previous two years, he earned a combined $13.9 million in such fees.

So wait, 2001-2003 Bill Clinton earned $14 million but the Clintons were “broke”? They were so broke they wanted the US taxpayers to pay their legal bills? They were so broke they had a hard time getting a mortgage and were concerned about paying for Chelsea’s degree?

Bull----. Sorry.

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