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I have to say that on a personal level I quite like Mr. Nader. I met him recently and we spoke briefly about crony capitalism. I will say, though he is a big government guy no doubt, his heart appears to me to be in the right place. He certainly did not give off the Washington DC “vibe” which radiates from so many in our nation’s capital. And he strikes me as a pragmatic man who does not dismiss the small government critique out of hand. I think in many respects he gets the critique, he just disagrees with large portions of it. But that is more than most big government people can say in my experience.

Nader sees areas where the new blood coming into American politics from various political traditions can in a limited but perhaps almost revolutionary way, work together. We agree. Though there are areas where Nader’s people and small government people will never agree, there many other areas where opportunity abounds.

(From Yahoo News)

“On Capitol Hill, I’m seeing more and more in Congress, left and right,” Nader told “The Fine Print.” “It was a vote in the House over a year ago over the NSA snooping, it almost broke through … so we’re beginning to see formulations that once they click together, they’re unstoppable.”

Nader was referring to a vote in July 2013 over a measure known as the Amash Amendment that would have curtailed the National Security Agency’s ability to collect bulk phone call data. The measure narrowly failed by 12 votes, in part due to a concerted White House lobbying effort on Capitol Hill.

Nader expects there is going to be a growth of left-right alliances in Congress, pointing to the war on drugs and bank regulatory efforts as areas of possibly confluence. On the war on drugs, Nader said that the United States should entirely decriminalize and move to regulate all drugs in the same way alcohol and tobacco are regulated.

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And boy is Nader right on the illegal bombing of Libya.

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