Mike Shedlock

On charges of "insulting the president", thirty policemen arrested the founder of the French website "http://hollande-démission.fr/" last week and impounded his car according to a translation from Les Observateurs.

The website owner and four passengers were detained for 16 hours. "Démission" means resignation.

Here is a translated excerpt from the "hollande-démission" site that got the website owner arrested.

You get the feeling that things go wrong in France!
You want to change for a better future!
You also want to make your voice heard!
Together, we create movement!

Enter the site Hollande-Resignation to view and / or sign the petition.
Demand the resignation of François Hollande presidency!


  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland has given France a bad image abroad, by deceiving the public on the history of a country, ignoring the respect for local customs.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland have neither national stature or international and does not even have sincere cohesion within his government.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland is not be the president of a people, but a Party of lobbies.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland to impose such visions forgetting the people, and promised reforms and expected while unemployment continues to rise, that pensions will soon have to be paid.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland to take no reform to the country's economic recovery sustainably and stable.
  • We acknowledge Mr. Holland has ruined FRANCE with taxes and waste

Mike Shedlock

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