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The Financial Times reports Muslim Brotherhood calls for uprising after Cairo violence

 The political crisis in Egypt deepened on Monday when the Muslim Brotherhood called for an uprising against those who want to “steal the revolution” after at least 51 people were killed and 435 injured at a Cairo rally in support of the nation’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi.

Adli Mansour, the interim president, ordered the creation of a judicial committee to investigate the violence while an administration spokesman, told Reuters the violence “will not stop steps to form a government or a road map”.

The interim administration earlier expressed “deep regret” for the victims, saying in a statement that the incident was caused by an attempt to storm a Republican Guard barracks. It urged protesters not to approach military facilities or other “vital installations”. 

The Freedom and Justice party, the Brotherhood’s political wing, said on its Facebook page that Egyptians should “rise up against those who want to steal their revolution with tanks and armoured vehicles, even over the dead bodies of the people”.

Monday’s clashes immediately sparked fresh uncertainty over the make-up of any new government when the hardline Islamist Nour party – which backed the ousting of Mr Morsi – pulled out of negotiation as a response to what a spokesman called “the massacre of the Republican Guard”.

Mike Shedlock

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