Mike Shedlock

Posted August 23, 2014

As noted in German Two-Year Bonds Have Negative Yield, Demand High; Euro Bond Bubble Guaranteed to Burst, " Banks lend (provided they are not capital impaired), when credit-worthy borrowers want credit and banks perceive risks worth lending."

Posted August 22, 2014

The "recovery" news in Spain keeps piling up. Via translation from El Economista, Government has already taken 37% of the total 'pensions piggy bank'. If extractions continue at the current rate, the fund would be exhausted in 4 years.

Posted August 21, 2014

Turnout in some Los Angeles elections is so low that LA Considers Giving Citizens Lottery Tickets if they Vote.

Posted August 20, 2014

Congratulations go to Forbes columnist John Tamny and editor of Real Clear Markets for producing the "Idiot's Guide to Austrian Economics'. Ironically, that is not exactly what Tamny set out to do.

Posted August 19, 2014

Given the huge numbers of people employed in food industries, especially fast food, a growth area for food robotics seems relatively easy to spot.

Posted August 18, 2014

The biggest winners are states involved in energy production, finance, or healthcare. The biggest losers are states that did not recover from the real estate bust, or lost population due to emigration.

Posted August 17, 2014

You can make $15 an hour at McDonald's, at least in Seattle. You just have to perform better than this machine.

Posted August 16, 2014

Not only is support for sanctions in Europe crumbling, so is support for alleged austerity. I say alleged because there really hasn't been any austerity.

Posted August 15, 2014

The recovery in Europe, not that there was ever much of one, is now over. As expected in this corner, Germany Contracts and France Stagnates in Second Quarter.

Posted August 14, 2014

In response to New Yuan Loans and Shadow Banking Collapse in China; Record Bank Deposit Slump reader "CF" from Hong Kong who works in China explains how he is pulling every cent he can out of renminbi (yuan) , converting instead to Hong Kong dollars.

Posted August 13, 2014

Supply of homes at the bottom-third of the market is down 17 percent from a year ago. Meanwhile the top-third home supply is up 15 percent while the middle is up a modest 3 percent according to Redfin.

Posted August 12, 2014

Kurdish territory in Iraq is the only pro-American territory left. Yet the US worries it will splinter off into Kuridistan. Apparently it's better to have a raging civil war as long as the country stays together in one theoretical piece.

Posted August 11, 2014

According to Hillary (and senator McCain) things would have turned out better if only we trained more rebels and gave them more military equipment as well.

Posted August 10, 2014

Citing parallels to WWI, author Gabor Steingart, publisher of Handelsblatt, Germany’s leading financial newspaper, blasts the Western response (especially US and German) response to the situation in Ukraine.

Posted August 09, 2014

If someone of retirement age wants a job and needs a job and needs income, but does not have a job, the choice (after unemployment benefits expire) is to retire.

Posted August 08, 2014

Sure. You can make $15 an hour at McDonald's, at least in Seattle. You just have to perform better than this machine.

Posted August 07, 2014

Thanks to a rapidly aging population, record numbers of Japanese homes sit vacant according to a July 30 report.

Posted August 06, 2014

Aging boomers accounts for much but not all of the decline in labor force and participation rate. The recession made matters worse.

Posted August 05, 2014

If EU bureaucrats really were surprised by this, they are stupider than I thought, which is saying quite a lot.

Posted August 03, 2014

Thank president Bush, vice president Dick Cheney, and president Obama for working together to create a how-to map of perfect foreign policy stupidity.