Mike Shedlock

Posted July 11, 2014

Under "unfair competition" laws France has decided it is far better for consumers to pay full price for goods than to receive a discount.

Posted July 10, 2014

Real estate is well back in bubble territory in some places, notably California. It won't end any differently this time for the buyers, but at least banks will not be on the hook for all of the loans.

Posted July 09, 2014

Over 52,000 illegal immigrant kids and 39,000 families have been apprehended this year alone, flooding into the US primarily from Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Posted July 08, 2014

Let's take a look at disturbing aspects of censorship, in which thousands of references to people have virtually disappeared from the internet following an EU ruling on the "Right to Be Forgotten" in which individuals have the right to ask search engines to remove links with personal information about them.

Posted July 07, 2014

Here is a sentence at that heart of Noah's brain worm infection: "Massive torrents of Fed “money-printing” failed to budge prices; this fact directly cracked the central foundations of Austrian thought."

Posted July 06, 2014

One can compare seasonally-adjusted full-time employment this month to seasonally-adjusted full-time employment last month. Doing so shows a decline in full-time employment of 523,000!

Posted July 05, 2014

Most foreign "aid" isn't really "aid" but rather handouts to US corporations. Monsanto is a prime example of agricultural "aid".

Posted July 04, 2014

This month's job report showed a seasonally-adjusted decline in full-time employment of 523,000.

Posted July 03, 2014

Republicans and Democrats alike trumped up the meaning of Monday's 5-4 Supreme Court ruling

Posted July 02, 2014

If you made less than $20,000 annually, but were guaranteed $20,000 whether you worked at all, would you work?

Posted July 01, 2014

Today, French bank BNP Paribas plead guilty Monday to criminal money-laundering laws by helping clients dodge sanctions on Iran, Sudan and other countries.

Posted June 30, 2014

Reader Mike wonders what effect a rise in minimum wage would have.

Posted June 29, 2014

On a population adjusted basis, the numbers look horrific. Population-wise, native US citizens account for two-thirds of the working-age population growth, yet fewer work today.

Posted June 28, 2014

Malinvestment in China proceeds at a staggering pace. Technically, this growth adds to GDP, but eventually it will be written off.

Posted June 27, 2014

California Bill AB-129 Lawful Money passed the California Senate on June 19, and the Assembly on June 23. The bill now awaits signing by Governor Jerry Brown.

Posted June 26, 2014

The first quarter GDP initial projection was 0.1%. The second estimate came in at -1.0%. Today the third estimate came in at -2.9%.

Posted June 25, 2014

Here's the question of the day: Is there a climate bubble? In a New York Times op-ed, former treasury secretary Hank Paulson says there is.

Posted June 24, 2014

France is back in recession, with rising costs and falling output prices as well. Thank the socialist policies of Francois Hollande for this result.

Posted June 23, 2014

By executive order, president Obama has acted to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the US, allegedly to halt global warming. However, greenhouse gas production is a global thing so it's important to consider global ramifications of US policy decisions.

Posted June 21, 2014

Here is the decidedly bleak result: Real weekly earnings were $825 in 1973. Today they are $690.