Michael Schaus

Posted February 13, 2015

Lets give a rebuttal Shall we?

Posted February 12, 2015

Yeah, lets regulate political speech on the internet. Because I know most of us are terrified that the feds don't do enough to regulate peoples ability to speak freely nowadays, right?

Posted February 11, 2015

Sam Adams pro-liberty group managed to attack a handful of customhouses and kidnap a few tax collectors after the passage of the Stamp Act. (Seriously Lois Lerner is SUPER lucky she wasnt around in the 1700s.)

Posted February 10, 2015

The Swiss arm of HSBC Holdings Plc private banking arm has been accused of helping wealthy international customers avoid taxes So, when I make my millions, remind me to bank with HSBC.

Posted February 08, 2015

I know I was surprised to learn that 1.4 degrees of warming (over the last century) was enough to push the cradle of civilization into mass chaos. (Because, as we all know, it was always such a peaceful corner of the world up until recently.)

Posted February 06, 2015

Al Sharpton owes roughly $4 million in taxes. But I guess the IRS is just too busy harassing conservatives to care about some uppity liberal whos a few million dollars behind on his taxes.

Posted February 05, 2015

The self-proclaimed activist Attorney General, Eric Holder, told reporters that he fixed George Bushs politicized Department of Justice It was a little like watching the captain of the Titanic proudly boast about his skill as everyone waited in line for the lifeboats.

Posted February 04, 2015

Its nice to see that New New York (Colorado) still has a handful of anti-Bloombergs among them. A survivor from the Columbine school shooting of 1999 is now pushing for relaxed carry restrictions on public school property.

Posted February 03, 2015

What is the progressive solution to companies moving their assets outside of the US, in an effort to avoid the worlds highest corporate tax rate? Well impose new taxes, I guess. And if that seems a little silly, thats because it is.

Posted February 02, 2015

Only a Democrat would think we could solve the negative impact of high tax rates by further hiking tax rates. It takes a very specialized economic ignorance in order to come up with some of the policy prescriptions proposed by the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Posted January 29, 2015

So the DEA was planning on tracking everyone that went to a gun show? It might be time to start borrowing your liberal neighbors car for your trip to the gun range, gun store, and gun show. (And, just for good measure, drop by a tea party protest while youre out.)

Posted January 28, 2015

Unconfirmed reports of Michael Bloomberg weeping with joy have been trickling in since the CDC decided to out-nanny the former NYC Mayor, and ban smoking at every private business in America.

Posted January 27, 2015

An independent press is the greatest threat to government overreach, and the greatest ally to the preservation of liberty Too bad we dont have one.

Posted January 23, 2015

Well, Colorado has proven that the Bloomberg inspired gun control legislation wasnt the end of Nannyism in "New New York".

Posted January 21, 2015

Its not that the State of the Union is completely inconsequential. But our class-warrior-President on the other hand Well, lets just say that he would be a pretty minor character in House of Cards at this point.

Posted January 20, 2015

In a raging display that resembles the clinical definition of denial, the American left claims that Republicans have abandoned their civil-rights-minded past.

Posted January 17, 2015

Democrats lied and fibbed to pass their reform. Now they are being forced to exaggerate and deceive in order to implement it How exactly do you think this will end? Do you think everything will suddenly start panning out?

Posted January 16, 2015

I dont really know how to tackle this. I mean, the transcript kinda reads like the poorly translated instructions that come with furniture made in China. But he did compare the Federal government to a kindergarten teacher.

Posted January 14, 2015

But, this is Government Motors Living up to their nickname, revenue streams apparently dont actually mater. Market forces, after all, too often get in the way of feeding the environmentalist message.

Posted January 13, 2015

Im giving serious consideration to suing progressives for falsely labeling their movement. There is nothing forward thinking, or progressive about continuing a century of failed ideas.


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