Michael Schaus

Some people on the left have a moral and mental flexibility that would put Lilia Stepanova’s actual flexibility to shame. (Did you just google that name? Kinda cool, huh?) Eleanor Clift, columnist at the Daily Beast, is still blaming some obscure YouTube video for the terrorist attack on America’s consulate in Benghazi. But, that’s not the audacious comments that have sparked outrage.

Clift, in her clinically psychopathic ways (seriously… Google the definition – I’m not making this up) declared that the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was not murdered… He “died of smoke inhalation”. This is like saying the people who died in Chicago last week weren’t really murdered. They were merely incapacitated by the introduction of high-velocity 9mm objects into certain life-sustaining organs.

Words matter, Eleanor. Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered. And your grasp of common decency seems precarious at best. Hillary Clinton might have suggested that the circumstances leading to Steven’s death don’t really matter, but you have reached a new level of heartless politicking.

I mean, is this really the best defense the left can muster for Barack Obama’s abysmal failure to secure our foreign diplomats in dangerous corners of the world? We’re really going to squabble over whether or not Stevens was “murdered” because he died of smoke inhalation during a terrorist attack aimed at killing him?… I guess those terrorists get a “pass”, because their incendiary tactics beat them to their objective.

Many on the left are clinging to the excuse of some unseen anti-Muslim video for the events that claimed 4 American lives that night…Because, blaming a video is an obvious intuitive leap to make when the CIA, military brass, and satellite images all seem to suggest that the Consulate was overrun suddenly by well organized (and well-armed) Al Qaeda sponsored terrorists.

But, parsing the definition of “murder” reaches a new depth of moral bankruptcy. Which, really, is why Benghazi matters so much to the American people. The US citizen can forgive a miscalculation, or misinterpretation of events… Heck, they can even forgive incomplete intelligence, and “incorrect” intelligence. (Unless, of course, that intelligence is presented by a black Secretary of State who served under a Republican President from Texas.) But, the American public will not tolerate a lie aimed at misleading, white-washing, or mischaracterizing someone’s death for political benefit.

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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