Michael Schaus

An anti-gun liberal talk-show host apparently wants to shoot NRA board members. But, before we talk about the precarious possibility of some imbalanced leftist abusing Second Amendment rights (that he fights against) we should get some background information. Georgia has recently passed some legislation (awaiting approval from the Governor) that would expand the state’s Concealed Carry law.

In short, the bill would broaden the locations that lawful concealed carry is permitted. Acceptable locations would be expanded to include churches, schools (Adam Lanza would not only be unwelcome – he’d probably be shot), airports (federal restrictions would still apply), bars (no drinking while carrying, “duh”), and some government offices. The Left has dubbed the bill as the “guns everywhere” bill… Which I really don’t see as a pejorative. In fact, I’m kinda jealous that people in Georgia will have the protected right to defend their life anywhere they go. I’m currently at the mercy of California implants calling themselves “Denver residents” (ugh).

Guns everywhere? (What are the home values like in Georgia?) We should rename this bill to the “Michael Schaus is welcome in Georgia” bill of 2014. The Left’s main objection appears to be that concealed-carry-permit-holders will be allowed in establishments that serve liquor. But, c’mon… We let people leave bars without first confiscating their car keys. It’s still going to be illegal to carry while drinking (again: “duh”), and being intoxicated with a firearm will continue to be a serious crime (not to mention that such actions are the definition of irresponsibility.)

I mean, really: If a designated driver feels like carrying a gun (because they will be sober, and responsible for everyone’s safety), why should they be forced to stand outside smoking cigarettes while their friends are enjoying one of the few perks of adulthood? I know I’d feel safer with a sober concealed carry holder around. In fact, I never go drinking without a designated driver and a concealed carry permit holder. After all: The point is to be safe.

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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