Michael Schaus

Her outrage at the bill itself is almost as ridiculous as her less-than-copious grasp of American History. After all, imagine the Democrat outrage if President Mitt Romney was unilaterally altering the Healthcare law with use of his “pen and phone”… Do you think there might be an angry liberal or two on Capitol Hill?

Of course, as I said, this isn’t an article about the codification of what the Constitution already states... It’s about Jackson’s brilliant aversion to intelligent thought. Her monumental ignorance of our government, founding document, and general lack of common sense, however, is not exclusive. Other “leaders” have shown a similar lack of intellectual-horsepower… For example, Democrat Hank Johnson once expressed concern that the island of Guam was in danger of capsizing. Harry Reid has argued that our compulsory tax system is “voluntary”. (Maybe history, Physics, and English classes should be mandatory for US Congressmen?)

Which raises the bigger question: Is this really the best we have to offer? I have to imagine that America is capable of electing leaders who do not display such unfathomable ignorance. Heck, can’t we at least elect representatives who have a peripheral relationship to the real world?

By the way, Sheila, the Constitution turns 227 years old, this year. I’ll send a copy of the manuscript to your office at 2160 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20515. Flip through it. You’d be surprised how much guidance our nation’s instruction manual has to offer.

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, the Associate Editor for Townhall Finance, and the executive producer for Ransom Notes Radio. He is a writer, artist, and political humorist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American conservative. Visit RightWingImage.com for more from Michael.


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