Mark Baisley

There is good and there is evil. Good is the healthy state, functioning optimally according to its design. Evil can be defined as a conscious state of disorder, a parasite that thrives on conquering the good.

Humans are creatures of a magnificent design. They start out innocent enough, generally attracted to good. But all people seem to be subject to the attentions of evil, sometimes as a victim and sometimes as a participant.

The vast majority of humans are kind and interesting, regardless of their culture, religion, race, or party affiliation. And right about the age of six, they are introduced to the social order of the sandbox; acceptance, rejection, peer pressure, bullies, and champions. Playground diplomacy eventually transitions into the serious game of sociopolitical gamesmanship.

Most registered Democratic voters are not aware of their party’s Marxist agenda. They regrettably just see government as the apartment super who should fix everything so they work the way things ought to work. But beyond rank-and-file Democrats (as well as Republican statist quislings) is a graduated scale of advancement; loyal party activists, unsympathetic bureaucrats, Machiavellian party leadership, and elitist elected official. The surreptitious goals of the party are evil. So at some level of leadership, Marxists assume the mantle of evil, even while maintaining a gentleman’s demeanor.

When the innocent are unprotected, evil will assault without mercy. Over 80,000 cases of child sexual abuse are reported every year in the United States. Drug cartels keep the nation of Mexico in a state of fear, imposing their own taxes and murdering tens of thousands, including several outspoken elected officials. And disturbing videos are readily viewable on the Internet that show Islamists in the Middle East beheading men and stoning women to death.

Evil is not a worm, content to exist in dank isolation. Evil is a snake that plots to impose its will on the innocent and the good. But when the good is strong, evil keeps its distance and observes with deliberation.

Mark Baisley

Mark Baisley is a security and intelligence professional

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