Mark Baisley

Today’s term is psycho-political projection |siko'p?'litiko'pr?'jekSH?n|.  This contraction of words labels the political application of the word projection in the Oxford Dictionary of Sociology, “…in a psychoanalytic context, it describes the unconscious process in which the individual attributes to others his or her own emotions and impulses.  Sigmund Freud regarded it as a common defence mechanism, used by the ego to control unacceptable feelings, thereby helping to reduce anxiety.”

This is the syndrome that I hereby assign to those of the LEFT who so freely launch accusations for which they themselves harbor a secret sense of guilt.  The pattern for this condition is openly on display at the Democratic Party website:  This webpage, proudly labeled Our Party, Our History, opens with the statement, “For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights, health care, Social Security, workers' rights, and women's rights.”

I will quickly skip past the ripe opportunities to blast the Democratic Party on diminishing the quality of health care, reducing employment opportunities, and dooming Social Security to go belly up in 2035.  But I am compelled to take a swipe at their claim for leading the fight for women’s rights before I move on to the party’s most egregious departure from the facts.

The Democratic Party coined the incriminating slogan War on Women, reserved for Republicans who found a higher priority for the right to life than they did for the right to abort.  The label was effectively applied to boorish Republican candidates in 2012.  The National Organization for Women locks arms with the Democratic Party in pointing out the personal failings of Republican men when the evidence shows that Democratic men set for themselves a much lower standard for chivalry.  Let me just conclude this thought with the loaded words, Bob Filner, Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner.  Oh, and Bill Clinton.

But by far the most preposterous assertion in the Democratic Party’s statement is that they have led the fight for civil rights for 200 years.  If they had any sense of candor, their website would show their history of leading a War on Black Americans.

Mark Baisley

Mark Baisley is a security and intelligence professional

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