Larry Kudlow

Slowly but surely President Obama is unwinding, rolling back, and even cancelling his very own Obamacare. A couple of years ago he told Republicans not to mess with his plan. He said he’d veto any changes. But now, in substantial ways, he’s messing with his own plan.

By various counts, the president has made 25 to 30 key changes to the Affordable Care Act. They all violate the legislation passed in 2010. Many believe Obama’s executive actions are unlawful or unconstitutional. Whatever the case, at this rate, there may not be much if any Obamacare in the next couple of years.

So why don’t the Republicans make this official?

While many individuals in Congress -- like Richard Burr, Tom Coburn, Orrin Hatch, and Ron Johnson in the Senate, and Paul Ryan, Tom Price, Steve Scalisse, Devin Nunes in the House (among others) -- have come up with good ideas to change Obamacare, they lack the bully pulpit. So there’s a certain scattershot effect here, even though their ideas are good ones.

So how about this simple 2014 campaign idea: The Republicans, as a party, tell the voters that if they keep the House and recapture the Senate, they will immediately push for a three-year moratorium on Obamacare.

On all of it: The mandates. The time extensions. The taxes. The regulations. The job losses. The reductions in hours worked. The part-time hiring. The website. The potential taxpayer bailout of insurance companies. The verification of income. The lack of personal security and threat of ID theft. And the whole wet blanket that Obamacare has thrown over the economy and the health-care system.

The GOP should simply say, “Elect us and we will put a three-year moratorium on all of Obamacare. And then we’ll go back to the drawing board, bringing in Republicans and Democrats, and figure out a better plan.”

The three years would begin in early 2015, after the midterms, and a new health-care plan would be reported out of Congress in 2017, after the presidential elections. It would be lawful and constitutional. It would promote true health-care freedom and economic growth. And it would replace a catastrophe created by Team Obama that has so befuddled businesses, individuals, doctors, patients, and the whole one-fifth of the economy we call health care.

Larry Kudlow

Lawrence Kudlow is host of CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” which airs nightly from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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