Larry Kudlow

Posted April 13, 2014

Posted April 12, 2014

Higher prices are not the way to a better economy.

Posted April 05, 2014

Not with character assassination, but an economic formula for liberty.

Posted March 23, 2014

Other Putin billionaire cronies hit by the Obama sanctions include Vladimir Yakunin, the chairman of state-owned Russian Railways, and Yuri Kovalchuk, allegedly Putin's personal banker.

Posted March 22, 2014

But only with a united U.S.-Europe front.

Posted March 15, 2014

Sizing up last week's unexpected congressional win by Florida Republican David Jolly, Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote, "The Republicans who win this fall will be those who have serious answers to the attacks leveled on them -- about Obamacare, the economy, women's and seniors' issues." Sound advice.

Posted March 06, 2014

Hurrah for the 50th anniversary of the tax cut championed by JFK, signed by LBJ, to spur growth

Posted March 01, 2014

Mt. Gox was an inevitable bust.

Posted February 22, 2014

A simple GOP campaign idea.

Posted February 15, 2014

Her rules-deficient Fed can't control employment.

Posted February 06, 2014

So let me get this right. Team Obama taxes millionaires who create jobs, while Obamacare creates incentives not to work at those jobs. No wonder recovery is so anemic. The policy here is to create fewer jobs and induce people to work less at those jobs. If my logic is correct, this runs counter to the most basic principles of our economy and our country.

Posted January 30, 2014

Posted January 28, 2014

They brought the sell-off on themselves.

Posted January 03, 2014

Marijuana can be a gateway to harder drugs.

Posted December 20, 2013

But the Fed still has no rules.

Posted December 15, 2013

Fortunately for Republicans, the Obamacare disaster erased the political downside of the shutdown. Paul Ryan understands this.

Posted December 14, 2013

Ryan-Murray is a political solution, not a fiscal one.

Posted December 08, 2013

Posted December 06, 2013

Tired, banal, and boring won’t do it, Mr. President.

Posted November 24, 2013