Larry Kudlow

Posted September 12, 2014

Trust, but verify.

Posted September 07, 2014

If the Republican Party adopts a clear, optimistic, growth-and-reform message to turn America around, it can win big in November. It could still be a wave election.

Posted August 25, 2014

ll this sounds suspiciously like the housing version of the ACORN electioneering operations. In other words, community organizers. In other words, left-wing groups who had absolutely nothing to do with the credit crisis.

Posted August 18, 2014

. . . .despite a phony Democratic indictment.

Posted August 17, 2014

Today many leading economists are throwing up their arms in frustration and assuring us that 2 percent growth is really the best we can do.

Posted August 03, 2014

Posted July 27, 2014

The Obama Democrats will try to push through a bill to stop foreign re-incorporations. It will never pass. And they'll keep trashing business and turning up the flame on the class-warfare burner.

Posted July 19, 2014

Across his remarkably successful presidency, Ronald Reagan repeatedly made the link between the U.S. economy and U.S. international security and defense. He consistently argued that weakness at home leads to weakness abroad.

Posted July 05, 2014

Posted June 29, 2014

It's a government-sponsored menace that actually damages American business competitiveness and reduces jobs at home. Voting against Ex-Im should be a no-brainier.

Posted June 11, 2014

Listening to David Brat on election night, following his upset win over Eric Cantor in Virginia's seventh congressional district, I heard a principled, free-market, pro-growth individual who is going to make an excellent Republican House member.

Posted June 08, 2014

Putting it all together, overall economic growth is still trapped in a sub-par growth zone. And it will remain there, Grannis says, "Unless and until policies in Washington become more growth-friendly (e.g. reduced tax and regulatory burdens)."

Posted June 02, 2014

People believe Bernanke is tied to Yellen's hip. So his forecast of abnormally low rates is very important.

Posted May 25, 2014

So perhaps Democrats and Republicans will get together to sack VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. But that won't change a thing. In fact, it's a distraction.

Posted May 04, 2014

Looking under the hood, important glitches continue to plague the employment situation.

Posted April 27, 2014

Posted April 25, 2014

His Keystone veto reminds firms he just doesn't care.