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CBS news contributor Nancy Giles wants to sue Congress.

Why? For going to bed instead of taking president Obama’s “touchdown dance” call on the night of his 2012 reelection victory.

But it also sheds light on the media strategy that will be used in 2014 to bolster the president.

In a nutshell that strategy is known as the “I’m-Rubber-You’re-Glue-Whatever-You-Say-Bounces-Off-of-Me-and-Sticks-to-You,” campaign narrative first used in 1973 by 3rd grader Amelia Snodgrass of Temple Mount, NJ as she swept into her second class presidency in three years.

Accordingly, in her Sunday column, CNN’s Giles gets childlike in her complaints that Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went to bed instead of taking Obama’s call.

“Call me crazy,” says Giles, “but if the leader of the free world calls, don't you think it might be important enough to get out of bed?”

I agree with her: She’s crazy.

“So I'm wondering,” writes Giles, clearly not in the right mind, which gives her impeccable bona fides as a progressive, “Can the president counter-sue John Boehner? Or the entire House of Representatives [for not passing more of Obama’s laws]? Can we sue? And can Judge Judy officiate? Please?”

Perhaps, as will be clear shortly, she should first figure out who does what in our government before hiring an attorney. Or maybe she just needs to consult with a mental health professional that can prescribe something.

Giles outburst was in response to Republican Speaker John Boehner suing Obama for not faithfully executing the laws as any president is supposed to under the Constitution.

Boehner says that in his view “the president has not faithfully executed the laws."

Well, yeah. There’s that.


Obamacare, Clean Air Act, Immigration laws, War Powers Act, Dodd-Frank, NSA spying, IRS thuggery, The Great Disappearing Email act, The Amazing, Changing CIA Talking Points Memo are just selective examples of selective enforcement by the executive branch.

And it’s not even a comprehensive list either.

Everyone outside Obama’s White House Bubble knows that Obama has acted extra-legally. But the media, which is anxious to be part of the cool kids’ club, is still eager to be the force field that protects every idiotic power grab the administration makes. They are, in short, the thin membrane of the bubble in which Obama lives, inside or outside the White House.

John Ransom

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