John Ransom

Our Demander-in-Chief has once again put together a budget so mind boggling stupid, so bereft of credibility that it will spontaneously abort somewhere between the White House and the desk of Senator Harry Reid (D-Who Me?).

You can think of Obama’s newest budget as the “legitimate rape” of America.

All you really need to know about the budget is this headline from the Washington Post’s Wonk Blog: “Obama budget seeks new spending, new taxes to boost economy, tame debt”.

Ha, ha, ha. Stop me if you heard that one before.

If we gave the government a buck for every time we heard THAT one, we’d have a $17.5 trillion dollar deficit. Oh, wait….

Calorie free spending? In one great soda? Who could be against that?

Democrats and Republicans, that’s who should be.

This might be one of those Obama joke-shop budgets that once again get zero votes in Congress.

It is, after all, an election year. And that might be the point of the budget.

The House could go 435 to zip against it, and I doubt very much Harry Reid (D-Where’d I Leave My Pen?) will even let it get to the Senate floor.

And then Democrats in the House can say they voted against more spending and more taxes. And Democrats in the Senate can make up whatever lie they think will wash in Peoria.

But so what? The damage has already been done by Obama’s de facto budgets.

John Ransom

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