John Ransom

Cartoon wrote: Republican=Corporatist=Eviloution, period. The savings and loan 80's meltdown was the direct result of their deregulation. [Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum]. - Liberals Find out Women Aren’t Amused

Dear Comrade Cartoon,

Flagged as spam and removed. Thanks though for all your work going to naught.

Hey, wait. You must be a cabinet secretary in the Obama administration.

Off Topic? Check.

Don’t have any facts? Check.

Arguing about issues that don’t exist? Check.

Re-writing Reagan? Check.

Definitely an Obamatron.   

Nancy57 wrote: I think I love you John Ransom! As one of those women, who formed a very small corporation some years ago that has steadily employed 4 people for the last 20 years on behalf of women everywhere I thank you!­ - Liberals Find out Women Aren’t Amused

Dear Nancy,

On behalf of everyone, everywhere, we thank you for taking the risk of starting your own business.

You must be one of those evil rich people I keep hearing about who diabolically plotted to give people jobs in an insane attempt to make you and your family’s life better.

Don’t you know that rewards are only supposed to go to insiders like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?

So how does a guy like Harry Reid, who has been in government positions since the 1970’s, become a multimillionaire?

True story: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dumped his holdings in energy companies in the fall of 2008, right before the energy market crashed, and he bought healthcare stocks with the proceeds, right before Obama was elected president. Within 6 months Reid was heavily involved in re-writing healthcare laws.

How does a Senator call the top of the market in energy? 

It’s true that Reid and company  now have to report their trades, but if you engaged in investment practices like that they’d put you in jail.

John Ransom

John Ransom’s writings on politics and finance have appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Colorado Statesman, Pajamas Media and Registered Rep Magazine amongst others. Until 9/11, Ransom worked primarily in finance as an investment executive for NYSE member firm Raymond James and Associates, JW Charles and as a new business development executive at Mutual Service Corporation. He lives in San Diego. You can follow him on twitter @bamransom.

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