John Ransom

The White House is trying to recast president Obama’s image- again. This time he's an eager reformer just trying to do away with all the red tape getting in the way of the economy.

Since the class warfare thing didn’t work, the Sandra Fluke thing alienated the very voters- Catholics- who provided Obama his margin of victory in 2008 and Americans are becoming disenchanted with a president who, honest-to-goodness, thinks everything is “fine”- except that taxes are too low- why not try casting Obama in a part wholly and utterly unbelievable?

Obama wants to be known as the president who cut all the red tape.

This should work out very nicely for him.

Mr. Dukakis your tank is waiting.   

From BloombergBusinessWeek:

Federal agencies face a Sept. 10 deadline to find new ways to trim paperwork burdens on business, according to a memo from Cass Sunstein, the top White House regulatory overseer.

“All agencies should attempt to identify at least one initiative, or combination or initiatives, that would eliminate at least 50,000 hours in annual burden,” Sunstein said in a June 22 notice to the heads of agencies and executive departments.

Sunstein is another one of Obama’s legal scholars from Harvard who has some pretty strange ideas. What would this White House be without all the Harvard men and their strange ideas?

One of Sunstein’s ideas is that the internet is a bad thing because it allows people to spread falsehoods that might harm innocent organizations, like say, the Obama campaign.

He wants to figure out a way to stop free speech and free assembly on the internet.

Now you know where the misshapen idea came from that saw the White House asking American to forward rumor and innuendo found on the internet to the White House so they could take action on it.

I mean if the Czar of All Regulations really thinks that his job is to spy on people on the internet, what hope do have for people in the messy game of commerce and industry?

I think it’s time for the country to be a little under-governed rather than a lot over-governed.

John Ransom

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