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[Dear Rose]

First, we do not presume to speak on behalf of the entire Anonymous movement. No one can speak for everyone in Anonymous. However, when we saw the open letter from Jeremy Hammond’s mother linked above, we knew we had to issue a response of some sort. This response encapsulates the personal views of the YourAnonNews team and in no way is meant to be reflective of Anonymous as a whole. Second, Hammond was a true friend and ally in Anonymous—a fellow compatriot at electronic arms, so to say. His fierce convictions and inner strength could be strongly sensed even over nothing but text on a screen. If we can in any way help his mother understand the strongly held convictions of her son and the movement he is involved in, we will do our best. Here goes…

(1) Please Rose, for the sake of all that is good in this world, don’t EVER attempt to speak “Internet” again. Please. Don’t. (We kid, of course. We appreciated the attempt.) 

(2) If you do some basic research, you would find that Anonymous has a strong legal network, with close ties to various legal organisations, including the NLG and EFF, as well as various criminal defence law firms. Your son is represented currently by attorney Liz Fink, with the NLG. We suggest that you reach out to the attorney and establish contact, if you have not done so already. Read more here.

And for newbies, here's the orginal article with Rose Collin's questions for Anonymous:

When hacktivist Jeremy Hammond was arrested last week in Chicago as a part of a wide government investigation in the online group Anonymous, his mother, Rose Collins, called him a genius without any wisdom.

“Again?” she asked when informed by the Chicago Tribune that her son had been arrested for hacking. “I love my son, but he is a genius with no brain. He has a 168 IQ, but he has no wisdom.” 

In an attempt to educate the world at-large about the dangers of Anonymous, Rose Collins reached out to Townhall Finance and spoke about Jeremy and Anonymous. She ended by asking a few questions of her own in an open letter to Anonymous.

John Ransom

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