Gina Loudon

There was an interesting article out of Time Magazine  ( in which they interviewed the tech geniuses behind the Obama victory. Like so much of the exposure of anything pertaining to the President, this piece only raises more questions than the answers it purports to deliver.

For one, if you were in fact the man who successfully elected and then re-elected the leader of the Free World, why would you preferred to remain anonymous?

The narrative of both elections is that Obama twice used the smartest technological campaign teams on his ride from community organizer to leader of the free world.  We all know that there were a myriad of campaign irregularities from Black Panthers turning people away to foreign donations using untraceable single use credit cards, and George Soros paying un unprecedented FEC fine for illegally funneling cash to the Obama campaign. Yet we are told, to just stand in awe that the smartest self-professed lazy student with grades he will not share, is so smart and so tech savvy that he just out thunk us.

In his book Megatrends, John Naisbitt discusses how people can accomplish extraordinary outcomes and success by aligning with these trends.  Certainly, among the biggest megatrends of this generation is the rise of social media and search engines.  While a few privacy advocates have beaten the drum of warning that we were giving away all our most personal data to Facebook and Google, we were so enthralled with the technology and the capabilities that we unwittingly became part of this story line as we were lured to the kill by the notion we could have all that technology for “free.”

Of course we all know that nothing comes for free.  We were betting on free stuff, and now we know what we bartered away in the deal—our liberty.

Stalin famously predicted that the US would be destroyed from within.  He knew we were way too great a power to ever be taken by force by an external enemy.  We celebrated when the dust settled from the Cold War and we stood as the only world Superpower.  The communists were defeated.  They quit in Russia.  They allowed Capitalism in China.  We let our guard down as we contemplated how to divvy up the peace dividend.

Gina Loudon

Dr. Gina Loudon is a Talk Show Host, Political Analyst, Author, Columnist, and co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor

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