Fritz Pfister

What would your solution be if you could implement an agenda following a recession to grow jobs, the economy, and return to the nation to prosperity?

Would you take over one sixth of the economy, drive up costs for every taxpaying family, while adding trillions to the national debt?

Would you mandate that every citizen must buy a product from a private company or be fined by the government?

Would you mandate every business with more than fifty employees must buy a product or face a fine for every employee?

Would you pass a law that incentivized hiring part time employees while punishing employers for hiring full time employees?

Would you attack industries that provide affordable energy with mandates that drive up the cost of living for every family in America, and drive scores of those companies out of business?

Would you remove tens of millions of acres of American land and seas from energy exploration driving up the cost of fuel for every business and family while preventing potential job creation?

Would you refuse to allow a pipeline to be built that would lower the cost of fuel and provide tens of thousands of jobs?

Would you raise taxes on the productive class leaving them with less money to invest in their businesses?

Would you raise the capital gains tax retarding the amount of investment into the economy?

Would you pass a law that mandated business owners pay their employees more?

Would you redefine the meaning of work in welfare to work, to incentivize not working?

Would you extend unemployment benefits to two years providing an excuse for millions not to take a job because it pays less than not working?

Would you order border patrol agents not to do their jobs allowing millions of illegal aliens into the country who explode societal costs, and take jobs from unemployed citizens willing to work?

Would you pass a law that guaranteed banks from loss due to their risky behavior at the expense of the taxpayer?

Would you mandate through EPA new green building standards for new construction increasing the cost of a new home up to 12% when a rebound in housing is critical to a recovery?

Would you pass a law that adds millions of man hours to lending institutions to comply with new loan rules?

Would you be mandating a one size fits all credit policy eliminating tens of thousands of otherwise creditworthy eligible homebuyers?

What would you do to create jobs in a capitalist private sector? Attack capitalism?

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.

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