Dave Ramsey

Posted April 15, 2014

Taking on a pile of debt to have a high credit score or increase your current score is just plain stupid!

Posted March 25, 2014

Credit card companies don’t care about the circumstances. They want their money, period. Never take personal responsibility for company expenses.

Posted March 11, 2014

Just because it’s family doesn’t make it jump over onto your plate! Let me say it again: You don’t inherit debt. Don’t let creditors, or anyone else, tell you differently.

Posted March 05, 2014

One way or another, the house always wins. That’s how they’re able to build those giant, billion dollar places called casinos. Did you know that some of those companies are so big and expansive that they’re publicly traded entities?

Posted February 25, 2014

Allowing kids the emotional dignity of making some decisions for themselves is vitally important. You just have to make sure this liberty is supervised and comes with parental warnings and protections.

Posted February 19, 2014

I don’t always make financial decisions based exclusively on math. Many times I do things based on changing money behaviors—stuff like paying off debts from smallest to largest because it actually works. Personal finance is 80 percent behavior, and only 20 percent head knowledge.

Posted February 12, 2014

I’ve been telling people not to use credit cards for 20 years and, believe it or not, even I get offers in the mail. The more mailing lists you get on, the more your mailbox will fill up with junk mail. If you have magazine subscriptions and things like that, your contact information is circulating all over the place.

Posted February 04, 2014

The truth is, mom and dad shouldn’t have co-signed for their child's student loans in the first place. There’s only one reason lenders want a co-signer, and that’s because they’re afraid the person taking out the loan won’t be able to pay back what’s owed.

Posted January 21, 2014

Both state and federal taxes come with ridiculous penalties and interest rates, and the authorities at either level have virtually unlimited power at their disposal to screw with your life if something bad happens.

Posted January 14, 2014

Never, ever put your emergency fund into things where risk and volatility are factors. An emergency fund isn’t an investment. It’s there to help protect things that are investments and your life.

Posted January 07, 2014

I hate to break this to you, but overspending is not an emergency. If you budget a set amount in one category and you go over that amount, you’ve got to have something you reduce or cut out completely to stay within your budget for the month.

Posted December 10, 2013

Many times in life we try to accomplish too many things at once. One problem with this is often it diminishes our ability to focus. When you spend all your time nickel-and-diming everything, the result is that nothing gets done very well.

Posted December 05, 2013

Rule number 1: It’s not an emergency. Christmas is not an emergency, it happens every year. Don’t use this as an excuse to overspend and buy things you can’t afford.

Posted December 03, 2013

So, yeah, savings interest rates right now are aggravating. But you don’t have 3- or 4-percent-home-mortgage world without a 1-percent CD world. They kind of go together. In my mind, an emergency fund isn’t there for the purpose of making money. It needs to just sit safe and sound until it’s needed.

Posted December 02, 2013

The best suggestion I can give is for you to simply make these things irrelevant with your other marketing. Overwhelm potential customers with the quality of your service and experience.

Posted November 12, 2013

Kids are bombarded with messages about how important they are, and how they should always have what they want. It’s okay to have some stuff, but advertising and other marketing messages in today’s culture can make them think it’s all about them.

Posted November 05, 2013

Sometimes the best gift you can give a person is to let them wallow around for a while in the mess they made.

Posted November 01, 2013

Business owners must be passionate about their line of work because they’re going to be involved in each aspect of it every single day. Your vocation needs to be a vacation. Otherwise, it becomes a constant grind, and when that happens you’re in trouble.

Posted October 29, 2013

From a risk management perspective, which would you rather lose in a worst-case scenario: your home or your rental properties? If they’re in the same general range of debt, I’m going to pay off the home first and the rental properties last.

Posted October 15, 2013

I think it’s funny when people run out and upgrade on their $7,000 car to buy a $30,000 Prius to save gas. Think about it. That’s an extra expenditure of $23,000 to save gas. Where are you planning on driving, to the moon?


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