Sat, May 17, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 17, 2014

Complacency at these elevated index levels is highly unlikely to be rewarded.

Charles Payne | May 17, 2014

David Tepper's comments about not being long or short actually reflect the mood of most individual investors for the past few years, except he was more than 100% invested in the market. Apparently, he is down to 60% as several issues bother him.

Mark Skousen | May 17, 2014

The Economist magazine rightly calls French professor Thomas Piketty the new Marx, although a watered-down version. Piketty’s bestseller (rated #1 on Amazon) is a thick volume with the same title as Karl Marx’s 1867 magnum opus, “Kapital.”

Chris Versace | May 17, 2014

There has been much talk lately about the tone of construction spending. Two ways to profit jump quickly to an investor's mind...

Political Calculations | May 17, 2014

The WSJ's Real Time Economics blog recently caught our attention with the following headline: Why the Nation's Hot Housing Market Is Cooling Slightly. After wiping down our monitor after our initial spit-take, we found it to be a fairly decent article.

Night Watch | May 17, 2014

For weeks, Western media described the situation in Ukraine as chaotic. Those descriptions were designed to grab headlines then, but have become accurate now.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 17, 2014

It’s not as sophisticated as Professor Bryan Caplan’s Purity Quiz and it doesn’t have the simple elegance of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, but at least you don’t need to answer any questions to see where you stand in this Venn Diagram that my intern shared with me.

Nick Sorrentino | May 17, 2014

Malinvestment is a very important concept to understand. It simply means the allocation of capital in ways which appear to be (and may be) rational in a period of artificially cheap credit, but in ways which in the end prove to be inefficient once the market corrects for artificially low rates.

Bill Tatro | May 17, 2014

When Barack Obama was first elected President he took to the podium along with his smiling V.P. and announced that America would be brought back with “shovel ready” jobs.

Fri, May 16, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 16, 2014

Higher prices in this competitive environment generally lead to falling real wages. Sure enough, the BLS reports Real Average Hourly Earnings Fall 0.3 Percent in April.

Charles Payne | May 16, 2014

There are many people raising families on fast food salaries, however, many of them live in households with numerous income earners. Moreover, many of the people are like Leika Reynolds; the 11th grader from Atlanta, who saw working at McDonald's as a steppingstone.

John Ransom | May 16, 2014

Insiders have at least been decidedly prescient and consistent in their degradation of Obama.

Doug Fabian | May 16, 2014

The Dow and the S&P 500 are hovering in lofty new-high territory these days. While the major indices basically have done so via a slow grind toward the top this year, it has been a different story for stocks in the emerging markets.

Night Watch | May 16, 2014

The round table talks are not what the Russians had in mind when President Putin said he supported dialogue. Nevertheless, the Russians are being very careful to not show their intentions yet.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 16, 2014

Some of the worst examples of government thuggery are the result of “asset forfeiture,” which happens when governments confiscate the property of people who haven’t been convicted of any crime. Heck, sometimes they’re not even charged with any crime.

Peter Morici | May 16, 2014

Climate change cannot be denied. The inconvenient truth President Obama refuses to accept is that U.S. efforts to significantly alter its course are fruitless, and severely handicap America's ability to mitigate its consequences.

Erick Erickson | May 16, 2014

Public Opinion Strategies, a Washington political shop, produced a chart last week that got much of the political press buzzing.

Thu, May 15, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 15, 2014

Given that government spending adds to GDP by definition, How much of GDP is deficit financing of demand brought forward?

Charles Payne | May 15, 2014

The media has been focused on the sham elections in parts of Ukraine, but it is the election of a new leader in India, which could change the world.

John Ransom | May 15, 2014

A small group of people-- say central bankers combined with go-getters in a presidential administration-- decide who shall be successful and who shall not be successful. If that's not oligarchy, here's what is.

Nicholas Vardy | May 15, 2014

I have a confession to make. Like other market watchers, I’ve spent the last few years digesting the consequences of the financial meltdown of 2008.

Doug Fabian | May 15, 2014

One major difference between exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds is that ETFs tend to be passively managed. This means they follow the components of a specific industry group, sector, index, etc.

Night Watch | May 15, 2014

The clashes are the opening rounds of escalating violence. The Kyiv-appointed governor of Donetsk claimed he is the rightful governor and vowed that the presidential election will be held in his Oblast on 25 May.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 15, 2014

While theory is important, I suspect most people are more likely to be convinced by real-world evidence. This is why I frequently compare nations when arguing that free markets and small government are the best way of generating prosperity.

Bill Tatro | May 15, 2014

Periodically the Chief Market Strategist (CMS) at LPL Financial grabs the money headlines with dramatic pronouncements. I follow his Yoda-like pontifications for very personal reasons.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | May 15, 2014

I am not a fan of former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner. He presided over the politically conceived, patently unconstitutional and anti-free market taxpayer bailouts of banks, automakers and insurance companies in the latter part of the administration of former President George W. Bush, when he was the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and during the first term of President Obama, when he was the secretary of the Treasury.

Wed, May 14, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 14, 2014

Lawrence Torcello wrote an essay suggesting that scientists who fail to fall in line with global warming alarmists should be charged with criminal negligence, and possibly even be thrown in jail. Nothing screams academic freedom like a little intellectual Fascism.

Mike Shedlock | May 14, 2014

The civil war in Ukraine took a bloody turn for the worse today as separatists killed six Ukrainian soldiers and wounded eight others in an ambush near Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region.

Charles Payne | May 14, 2014

Small businesses, the backbone of the economy, create the most jobs, but they get the least amount of love from Washington DC.

John Ransom | May 14, 2014

Yes, at a time that Americans were feeling the greatest effects of the Great Recession, Buffett’s company would see almost $4 billion in profits made in less than a year thanks to government money.

Night Watch | May 14, 2014

Apparently for France, a whole Ukraine is not worth the Russian contract for two ships.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 14, 2014

Donald Sterling has free speech, but that doesn’t mean he is free from consequences if he says something dumb.

Bill Tatro | May 14, 2014

Under the Obama watch all prior “mums the word” seems to have gone out the window. People like Senator John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry actually encourage both privately and more important publically coups and revolutions to take place.

Ransom Notes Radio | May 14, 2014

Live from the Money Show in Las Vegas: The Federal Reserve, apparently, doesn’t learn from its mistakes. Peter Schiff joined the program, live from Las Vegas, to talk about the Keynesians who run America’s fiscal policy.

Dr. Ben Carson | May 14, 2014

The recent escalating arguments over whether there should be further congressional hearings on Benghazi are troubling. The fact that there are substantial numbers of people who feel that there is nothing more to investigate when four American lives were lost and no one has answered for this crime provides an indication of how far our sense of justice has slipped.

Nick Sorrentino | May 14, 2014

TARP was the absolute height of crony capitalism. Many of the big banks should have gone down, but in the midst of a “Blackberry panic” – as David Stockman puts it – the masters of the masters of the universe lost sight of reality and the nature of markets.

Peter Morici | May 14, 2014

Economic inequality has emerged as the central political challenge of the 21st Century. Left wing academics and politicians are quick with quack remedies -- higher taxes on the wealthy that will only send more investment abroad and smother growth.

Tue, May 13, 2014

Dave Ramsey | May 13, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 13, 2014

While the US pressures European nations for more sanctions, many of which on individuals who have nothing to do with the crisis, France Won't Cancel Warship Deal with Russia

John Ransom | May 13, 2014

Satanism isn’t the complete collapse of the moral order; rather it’s the advocacy of immorality as a positive good, as the superior order of the universe-- and even if you don't believe in either Satan or God, one should worry about encouraging people to celebrate evil.

Night Watch | May 13, 2014

Considering how long it takes the UN and other international agencies to prepare for elections and referenda, the eastern Ukrainians did remarkably well in staging the referendum. The West reported "chaos"; that the referendum was illegitimate and lacked credibility; and implied it failed.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 13, 2014

We even know that the descendents of the candle makers, buggy builders, and typewriter producers are better off because our economy is so much more productive.

Terry Savage | May 13, 2014

Ralph Benko | May 13, 2014

Leader Reid has cast himself as the point man in a campaign by the left to vilify Charles and David Koch. As recently inventoried by The Washington Free Beacon, and as noted by The Washington Post, Reid has vilified the Koch name, at last count, 134 times.

Mon, May 12, 2014

Michael Schaus | May 12, 2014

Eleanor Clift declared that the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was not murdered… He “died of smoke inhalation”. Hillary Clinton might have suggested that the circumstances leading to Steven’s death don’t matter, but Clift has reached a new level of moral bankruptcy.

Mike Shedlock | May 12, 2014

Advances in 3D medical printing are quite amazing. Here are some recent articles on 3Ders.Org.

John Ransom | May 12, 2014

Yes, any time I see the word “consensus” in the context of the "settled science" of global something I break out into a cold sweat, I hyperventilate and my sight grows dim.

Political Calculations | May 12, 2014

While these figures would still suggest that the U.S. economy is experiencing recessionary conditions, it is a marked improvement over each of the first three months of the year, in which a combined total of 91 U.S. publicly-traded companies acted to cut dividend payments to their owners and shareholders.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 12, 2014

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a bureaucracy representing governments has a list of policies designed to increase government power. But that doesn’t change the fact that class-warfare policies are destructive.

Michael F. Cannon | May 12, 2014

As an economist might put it, this means there are likely to be policies out there that could save a lot more lives than RomneyCare does per dollar spent.

Mark Calabria | May 12, 2014

Compared to most asset classes, CLOs performed well during the financial crisis, even if new issuance fell for a short time following the crisis.

Chris Edwards | May 12, 2014

Mad “asked readers to write FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to request an ‘Official Draft Dodger Card,’” and many did. Hoover was not amused.

Nick Sorrentino | May 12, 2014

Sounds like Geithner’s book is another one to pick up in the bargain bin in a couple months along with Thomas Piketty’s.

Mark Baisley | May 12, 2014

If Ambassador Chris Stevens lost his life while advancing a surreptitious sortie, Boehner would have been aware of it as a full-fledged member of the Gang of Eight.

Sun, May 11, 2014

Mike Shedlock | May 11, 2014

In the past few days, three candidates who ran for the last Republican presidential nomination, including nominee Mitt Romney, have endorsed a higher minimum wage.

Mark Skousen | May 11, 2014

I recently watched a classic Yankees baseball game on TV played in the late 1970s. Ron Guidry was the pitcher. The game flew by quickly, taking less than two hours.

John Ransom | May 11, 2014

The Republicans don't actually have to go into high gear with 'Koch Brothers' scare tactics. The truth with Obama, Obamacare and the progressive left is scary enough.

Political Calculations | May 11, 2014

From what we've previously observed, it takes about six months for the full impact of a minimum wage increase to be felt in the economy after its hiked - whether at the state level or at the federal level.

Daniel J. Mitchell | May 11, 2014

President George H.W. Bush was just awarded a “profiles in courage” award for raising taxes and breaking his read-my-lips promise by the crowd at Harvard’s Kennedy School.


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