Sat, Aug 30, 2014

Michael Schaus | August 30, 2014

Once again, our Chicago-style Attorney General has proven that corruption is the basic foundation upon which the modern Democrat Party is built. Eric Holder, the nation's top extortionist officer, has been paying off Obama-friendly non-profits with the settlements hes extorted from big banks.

John Ransom | August 30, 2014

The Middle East isnt just a foreign policy problem; its another one of the man-caused disasters that has become the hallmark of the Obama administrations version of Moe, Larry and Curly.

Mike Shedlock | August 30, 2014

Mainstream media headlines in the last two days offer an amusing look at GDP forecasts.

Night Watch | August 30, 2014

The key question is not, as the US ambassador to the UN posed, today, what will make the Russians listen to the UN. It is what will ensure that the Russians stop. Obviously sanctions miss the mark.

Charles Payne | August 30, 2014

Our Commander-in-Chief explaining that there is no current plan for dealing with the terror group, ISIS, beyond our containment efforts is the kind of thing that hurts the overall mood of the nation.

Daniel J. Mitchell | August 30, 2014

If were creating a Bureaucrat Hall of Fame, I wont want to discriminate against foreigners. The U.K.-based Telegraph reports, for instance, that an unnamed doctor from Italy is a very worthy candidate for this award.

Mark Skousen | August 30, 2014

The Austrian school of economics was one of the few to warn of impending disaster coming from the real-estate bubble. But I have my doubts about Austrian school policy recommendations during a financial crisis.

Doug Fabian | August 30, 2014

This week certainly got started in unusual fashion for me, as I was nearly thrown out of bed on Sunday by the force of a 6.0 earthquake that rocked the Napa Valley.

Fri, Aug 29, 2014

John Ransom | August 29, 2014

Obama's version of nation-building doesnt include elections, and purple stained fingers, but rather a benign neglect, a Darwinian respect for survival of the strongest. The only votes that count in this scenario are typically dipped in red, blood red.

Mike Shedlock | August 29, 2014

Every day, the cost of a plane ticket out of Venezuela goes up. That assumes you can get a plane ticket, and you probably cannot, even if you booked three months ago.

Night Watch | August 29, 2014

Syrian rebels, including fighters from the al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra Front, seized control of a border crossing post on the Golan Heights on Wednesday after clashes with Syrian government forces.

Charles Payne | August 29, 2014

After all, when it is all said and done, there are stocks that make a lot of money for many, while others actually lose a lot of money for many. But, why? Simple: because some people sell too early, or they sell too late

Daniel J. Mitchell | August 29, 2014

I wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal last week about the policy debate over whether its better to lower tax rates or to provide targeted tax cuts for parents. I wasnt surprised to learn that not everyone agreed with my analysis.

Ransom Notes Radio | August 29, 2014

Its bad enough that this administration seems to think congress is a nuisance, and not a requirement. But now, the Obama White House is working on ways to fight climate change through executive order. Yeah This should totally help our economy.

Nicholas Vardy | August 29, 2014

The hedge fund industry is enduring yet another difficult year. Once renowned for risk-loving cowboy trading and double-digit percentage returns, hedge funds have failed to live up to their reputation as money-making machines.

Bill Tatro | August 29, 2014

First it was Jimmy Carter and his $50 cash distribution to every man, woman and child in America. The idea was to jump start the economy since nothing else in the 70s seemed to be working. Next came Ben Bernanke and his speech about dropping $100 bills out of a helicopter for everyone to gather...

Mark Skousen | August 29, 2014

Financial literacy is important, but sadly, only a handful of states require students to take personal finance or an investment course.

Thu, Aug 28, 2014

Bob Goldman | August 28, 2014

The words that you slip into your resume are why your dream job is going to give you the slip. But don't take my word for it. These resume-busting ideas come from Hannah Hamilton, and the provocative, evocative article she wrote for her Monster masters at the Monster website.

Michael Schaus | August 28, 2014

Full body shiver I really loath the sentence Im about to type. In fact, I hate it so much, Ive retyped it almost a dozen times; and there is no better way of articulating the disturbing truth: Paul Krugman was right.

John Ransom | August 28, 2014

Only in progressive America would it take a new academic report to verify whats been plain to us, the anti-science conservatives, for years: Whatever economic plan Obama's following, and Democrats are rooting for, just isn't working. In fact, its making matters worse.

Mike Shedlock | August 28, 2014

If Nicholas Sarkozy won the last presidential election instead of Francois Hollande, there would be no investigation. Is Lagarde guilty of anything?

Political Calculations | August 28, 2014

In the map, the Tax Foundation has adjusted the value of $100 according to its spending power in each state, or rather, for each state's relative purchasing power parity, and in doing so, has shown that 100 U.S. dollars is not worth the same in each state in terms of how much of a defined basket of goods and services that it can buy.

Night Watch | August 28, 2014

As for the ceasefire, it appears to match what the Israelis decided last week. Israel will keep it as long as Hamas does. It will retaliate against Gaza for mortar and rocket fire and recycle the ceasefire until the next breach by the Palestinians, if one occurs.

Charles Payne | August 28, 2014

Socialism is a losing policy as it stops economies from growing. It also makes people lazy. The (2013) front cover of Le Point magazine translated to English reads in part, Are the French Lazy?

Daniel J. Mitchell | August 28, 2014

Since Ive been in Washington for nearly three decades, Im used to foolish demagoguery. But the lefts reaction to corporate inversions takes political rhetoric to a new level of dishonesty.

Ransom Notes Radio | August 28, 2014

Given the chaos in the Middle East, and the domestic policy failures weve seen under Obama, theres really only one question: Is his golf game getting any better? Gayle Trotter joined the show to discuss.

Wed, Aug 27, 2014

John Ransom | August 27, 2014

Like most Democrats, Harry Reid knows nothing about money. So he had to earn it the old fashioned way, through graft.

Mike Shedlock | August 27, 2014

I do not support a VAT, but as long as we are going to have taxes at all (and we are), then we need to make them as fair as possible. A broad-based consumption tax on everything but food and medicine would do exactly that.

Charles Payne | August 27, 2014

Are you one of those people thats been spooked out of this rally because you dont like the Presidents policies or the Federal Reserve? Well, I dont like them either, but I do enjoy eating, and I do want to send my kids to college.

Daniel J. Mitchell | August 27, 2014

The Export-Import Bank is noxiously corrupt example of crony capitalism. It never should have been created. But thats something we could say about most government programs. So the real question is how to reverse the damage.

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz | August 27, 2014

When kids first learn about addition, it can be very eye-opening. Numbers aren't just squiggles on a page; they have real meaning! So why not use this aha moment to give your kids a chance to do some practical addition and subtraction?

Dr. Ben Carson | August 27, 2014

The international spotlight has recently been shining on Ferguson, Mo., after an 18-year-old black man was fatally shot by a white police officer.

Bill Tatro | August 27, 2014

The velocity of money continues to confound the experts yet it equates to the 1930s. Currency devaluation continues to be the Central Banks main strategy yet it still is short of its goal.

Peter Morici | August 27, 2014

Burger Kings effort to acquire Tim Hortons, a Canadian purveyor of coffee and doughnuts, is a good business decision, but its choice to locate corporate headquarters north of the border would be the direct result of President Obamas anti-business tax policies.

Ransom Notes Radio | August 27, 2014

Corporations fleeing the US, ISIL selling oil (illegally), turmoil in Ferguson You would almost think America didnt have any leadership nowadays. Dan Mitchell, with the Cato Institute, also joined the show to discuss world economic events with John.

Tue, Aug 26, 2014

Michael Schaus | August 26, 2014

After all, some commenters are more equal than others, right? Someone needs to let the Left know that George Orwells work isnt supposed to be a how-to manual for policing thought.

Mike Shedlock | August 26, 2014

Economy minister Arnaud Montebourg stepped over the line last weekend criticizing the policies of president Francois Hollande. Some sources report that prime minister Manuel Valls gave Hollande a "him or me" ultimatum, but Valls disputes that claim.

Night Watch | August 26, 2014

Al Jazeera reported Iranian soldiers executed a joint operation with the Kurdish peshmerga militia in Diyala Governate and succeeded in retaking the town of Jalawla from fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Charles Payne | August 26, 2014

With so much going on around the world, the recent shooting exchange between the troops of India and Pakistan forces in the disputed Kashmir region may have gone unnoticed. According to reports, two people from both sides died in the latest round of trouble.

Daniel J. Mitchell | August 26, 2014

Remember when Paul Krugman warned that there was a plot against France? He asserted that critics wanted to undermine the great success of Frances social model.

Peter Morici | August 26, 2014

Stocks trading near record highs are again striking fear into investors with fresh memories of the financial crisis, but prospects for the U.S. economy are looking up and equities remain a good bet for ordinary investors.

Ransom Notes Radio | August 26, 2014

Its not entirely unreasonable The left doesnt like free markets because they cant compete. Conn Carroll, managing editor of Townhall Magazine, joined the show to talk to John about the lefts disdain for free market solutions.

Ralph Benko | August 26, 2014

A gold-based international monetary order called out, however, to be mended not ended. Nixon ended it.

Mon, Aug 25, 2014

Larry Kudlow | August 25, 2014

ll this sounds suspiciously like the housing version of the ACORN electioneering operations. In other words, community organizers. In other words, left-wing groups who had absolutely nothing to do with the credit crisis.

Mike Shedlock | August 25, 2014

Central banks are generally clueless about the state of the economy. This has been proven time and time again.

Political Calculations | August 25, 2014

Through the end of 2014, the level of earnings has dropped to a level between what investors had previously expected back on 15 August 2013 and 14 November 2013.

Daniel J. Mitchell | August 25, 2014

Politicians will never want to hear this message, but government spending undermines economic performance by diverting resources from the the economys productive sector.

Mark Skousen | August 25, 2014

Wall Street knows that any big financial institution probably will be bailed out in the future, and such thinking will affect private sector decision making about risky investments.

Jeff Crouere | August 25, 2014

Unbelievably, the drumbeat is beginning for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to run for President a third time. The man who lost twice for President is now being encouraged by many party leaders to give it another try.


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