Sat, Feb 06, 2016

Helen Raleigh | February 06, 2016

According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, February 8, 2016 will be Chinese New Year, the year of the Monkey.

Stephen Moore | February 06, 2016

With the first real votes being cast in the presidential race Monday, this is an opportune moment to do some last-minute comparison shopping on the candidates' tax reform plans.

Fri, Feb 05, 2016

Mike Shedlock | February 05, 2016

Even though economists see a mere 20% chance of recession in 2016, I am increasingly confident a recession began in December 2015.

Charles Payne | February 05, 2016

Wednesday, if you watched the market closely, you probably went to bed with a stiff neck. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was all over the place: +101, -193, +195

Bill Gunderson | February 05, 2016

As the cloud continues to grow, companies are finding ways of using off site locations to secure and store their information.

Nicholas Vardy | February 05, 2016

Sir John Templeton, who passed away at the age of 95 in 2008, was the original Global Guru.

Bob Goldman | February 05, 2016

Hey, I get it. You've always wanted a career coach. Some slick, wildly expensive, extremely well-coiffed individual who could bring out the best in you while, at the same time, take out the worst in you: the self-doubt, the complete lack of motivation, the deep-seeded desire to be paid a whole lot of money for doing a whole lot of nothing.

Bruce Wiliams | February 05, 2016

DEAR BRUCE: I will be getting married in the next year to a wonderful man. I trust him completely, but in the past he had major credit card debt. He has since cleaned it up, but I am wondering if we should have separate bank accounts when we marry? -- Gene

Thu, Feb 04, 2016

Dave Ramsey | February 04, 2016

Dear Dave, Ive started my four-year-old on an allowance structure and a chore chart. I also have a mini-envelope system with spending and saving set up, but Im having trouble helping him distinguish between the two. How can I solve this?

Charles Payne | February 04, 2016

The market took it on the chin on Tuesday, in part to resume the breakdown in the price of crude and all the economic implications.

Doug Fabian | February 04, 2016

A little over a week ago, European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi made headlines by reiterating his organizations commitment to reinvigorating the euro zone by whatever means necessary.

Chris Versace | February 04, 2016

The stock market thus far in 2016 has been a challenge given the wide swings that weve seen in all the major stock indices during the last several weeks.

Peter Morici | February 04, 2016

The U.S. economy is likely to dodge a recession but good jobs will remain hard to find.

Bill Tatro | February 04, 2016

Founded on sound fiscal and budgetary measures, ensconced within the framework of the Constitution and a smattering of The Declaration, the Tea Party seems to have exhausted its shelf life. It has gone the way of a Ross Perot bumper sticker.

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz | February 04, 2016

Dear Readers, Here we go again. Just when we thought we could put the worries of 2008 and its aftermath behind us, market volatility once again has individual investors spooked and wondering what to do. While every investor knows that risk comes with the territory, the recent wild gyrations are enough to make even the hardiest investors question their approach.

Wed, Feb 03, 2016

Dave Ramsey | February 03, 2016

Dear Dave, Ive been following your plan, and Ive finally gotten out of debt and feel I have control of my finances. Im also single, and I was wondering if you have any tips for how to gracefully mention financial topics and budgeting when youre on a date.

Charles Payne | February 03, 2016

If the first trading session of the month is an indicator, then it looks like the market will show a lot more spunk than it did in January.

Political Calculations | February 03, 2016

Just one week ago, we observed that the pace of dividend cuts being announced in the first quarter of 2016 was "slower than at the same point of time in the first quarter of 2015. Which is an early indication that the U.S. economy is so far performing better than it did a year ago."

Tue, Feb 02, 2016

Mike Shedlock | February 02, 2016

Economists expecting a huge surge in construction spending thanks to unusually warm December weather were no doubt shocked by today's anemic report.

Political Calculations | February 02, 2016

What if you had advance knowledge of how the U.S. stock market would behave in the upcoming week? Or at the very least, you were told by someone who works in the future exact how the market would respond to a given set of circumstances that would be likely to play out in the week ahead, but not exactly when the market when the market would react to those circumstances.

Mike Fuljenz | February 02, 2016

Gold rose again last week to close January at $1,118 per ounce, up 5.3% in January. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones and S&P stock indexes were each down over 5%, averaging a 5.3% loss. Therefore, gold has earned a 10.6% advantage over stocks so far in 2016.

Cliff Ennico | February 02, 2016

In last week's column, we talked about some of the wrong ways to engage in "private labeling" on eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce websites -- buying someone else's merchandise (legally) and reselling it online at a significantly higher price under your own trademark or "brand label."

Wall Street Daily | February 02, 2016

A sharp decline in stock prices has stunned investors in the first weeks of 2016. This rapid decline follows a prolonged and deep decline in commodity prices.

Mon, Feb 01, 2016

Daniel J. Mitchell | February 01, 2016

Whats the difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?

Charles Payne | February 01, 2016

The market climbs higher for the second consecutive week; January was one for the record books.

Mike Shedlock | February 01, 2016

China's manufacturing extended its long slump according to the Caixin China General Manufacturing PMI.

Edith Lank | February 01, 2016

Dear Edith: We have an older house with lead paint on most of the interior wood (door casings, stair treads). Are we required to eliminate all that before putting the house up for sale, or just disclose it to potential buyers? -- B. D


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