Wed, Apr 23, 2014

John Ransom | April 23, 2014

If it wasn't for expensive mismanagement, the Obama administration—and Democrats in Chicago-- would have no management at all.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 23, 2014

America has pledged $50 million (yes… million… not billion) in aid to Ukraine. And now we know why the White House sent Joe Biden: There’s no-one better to deliver a joke than the current VP of the United States.

Dave Ramsey | April 23, 2014

Having a college fund set aside by your parents is really nice, if they can afford that kind of thing. But you can go to school by getting good grades, applying for scholarships, working your tail off and choosing a school you can afford. In short, college funding is not a necessity.

Night Watch | April 23, 2014

Afghanistan has been maneuvering to prepare for the post-NATO period which will include Taliban participation, directly or indirectly. After 13 years of fighting, it is striking how little the political landscape has changed.

Charles Payne | April 23, 2014

The western world is being torn apart by (past) success and complacency, which is a deadly combination that has resulted in welfare societies being unable to denote the difference between tough love and real love.

Daniel J. Mitchell | April 23, 2014

About one year ago, I decided to create a “Moocher Hall of Fame” to highlight how certain people went above and beyond the call of indolence in their efforts to sponge off taxpayers.

Mike Shedlock | April 23, 2014

ECB president Mario Draghi has been making lots of noise recently about cutting interest rates because the euro is too strong and banks aren't lending enough.

Nick Sorrentino | April 23, 2014

For all the talk of Obamacare signing up 7 million people, it is rarely reported that over 80% of the people who signed up were dropped off of their former policies because of Obamacare. Many people haven’t paid their premiums yet either.

Tue, Apr 22, 2014

Michael Schaus | April 22, 2014

It’s beginning to look like President Obama has developed a chronic aversion to anything that might be mistaken for “leadership” in his second term. The Keystone XL pipeline was, again, delayed until after the election season.

John Ransom | April 22, 2014

The Obama administration has made a specialty out of cronyism, graft and corruption along the blueprints of Chicago. But the real danger to our Republic is not from Obama following the Chicago Way, it's if he follows the Illinois “combine.”

Ransom Notes Radio | April 22, 2014

Remember when things like creating jobs and expanding America’s capacity for energy production were considered “no-brainers”? Well, Obama’s delayed the Keystone XL again… Charles Payne, from Fox Business, also joined the show to talk about perseverance of American exceptionalism.

Peter Morici | April 22, 2014

With 8 million Americans enrolled in health insurance through federal and state exchanges, President Obama has declared the Affordable Care Act a success. That’s disingenuous and big changes are needed to make the law work well.

Ralph Benko | April 22, 2014

Problems caused by America’s broken immigration system are causing misery to America’s immigrant community (both legal residents and undocumented), and, for good measure, to the president, the GOP and American society.

Bill Tatro | April 22, 2014

I took the long Holiday weekend to do a scouting mission for a future column. What I was most interested in were the work habits of the so called minimum wage employee. I was also interested in how many of these employees carried their “smart” phone with them on the job.

Mike Shedlock | April 22, 2014

Those who think a collapsing currency is a sure-fire way to increase exports need to rethink their beliefs.

Daniel J. Mitchell | April 22, 2014

I’m in favor of free markets. That means I’m sometimes on the same side as big business, but it also means that I’m often very critical of big business.

Charles Payne | April 22, 2014

Nevertheless, it has gotten to the point where modern-day artisans, like a short-order cook in a busy restaurant, are actually looked down upon, while some high-frequency trader running computer algorithms making tens of millions is looked up to, (although with less respect now compared to a month ago).

Mon, Apr 21, 2014

Michael Schaus | April 21, 2014

The marijuana smoke was so thick in Denver on Sunday, that most Christians took Communion because of a case of “the munchies”. And, heck, that was just a contact high.

John Ransom | April 21, 2014

Apparently the performing puppets that they have at City Hall, at police headquarters and crawling all over Streets and Sanitation haven't done enough yet to ruin Chicago's reputation. So now the city has to bring in outsiders. Pretend outsiders, that is.

Morgan Brittany | April 21, 2014

It seems that the Obama administration and the Democrats like Harry Reid are hell-bent on persecuting, harassing and demonizing American citizens while foreign dictators, aggressors and terrorists get little, if any pushback. Why is that?

Daniel J. Mitchell | April 21, 2014

Take a look at this impressive graphic. We’re #1 in some bad ways, but it seems we’re also #1 in a very good way.

Mike Shedlock | April 21, 2014

If extreme sanctions are put on Russia, then Russia will cut off all gas to Europe and likely default on all foreign denominated bonds.

Political Calculations | April 21, 2014

According to preliminary data published by the U.S. Census Bureau, the trailing twelve month average of median sale prices for new homes fell in February 2014 after peaking a month earlier.

Michael F. Cannon | April 21, 2014

Federal courts may soon rule that President Obama induced the majority of those enrollees to enroll by offering them taxpayer dollars he has no legal authority to spend

Chris Edwards | April 21, 2014

The problem is not just that programs such as Medicare keep growing, but also that Congress keeps adding new programs.