Daniel J. Mitchell

Posted January 30, 2015

The Obama Administration has already announced a bunch of tax increases that will be part of the Presidents soon-to-be-released budget.

Posted January 29, 2015

Theres a lot of navel-gazing analysis in Washington about whether to expect some sort of bipartisanship over the next two years. I find such discussions very irritating because they assume that you automatically get good results when Republicans and Democrats both agree on a policy.

Posted January 28, 2015

As a taxpayer, I dont like the fact that government employees get paid more than folks in the private sector. But the big difference between bureaucrats and regular workers isnt so much the pay, its the fringe benefits.

Posted January 27, 2015

Just like the swallows return each year to Capistrano, I eagerly await the Congressional Budget Offices release of its annual Economic and Budget Outlook.

Posted January 26, 2015

Hes definitely the greatest president of my lifetime and, with one possible rival, he was the greatest President of the 20th century.

Posted January 25, 2015

Simply stated, tax-and-transfer entitlement programs dont work very well with aging populations.

Posted January 24, 2015

The developing world is hampered by intervention, corruption, and absence of property rights. And the United States is stumbling through an abnormally weak recovery.

Posted January 23, 2015

I fear that many nations, such as France and Greece, have already reached the point of no return. And Im worried America is on the same path.

Posted January 22, 2015

Watching politicians give speeches, such as Obamas State of the Union address, is an occupational hazard when you work at a think tank.

Posted January 21, 2015

Workers tend to earn more when there is more capital... Which should be a common-sense observation.

Posted January 20, 2015

Over and over again, Ive shared evidence showing that gun ownership deters crime. As I pointed out in my IQ test for criminals and liberals, even stupid criminals dont want to get shot.

Posted January 19, 2015

If the Moocher Hall of Fame ever moves from the virtual world to brick-and-mortar reality, its going to need a lot of space.

Posted January 18, 2015

The Nordic focus on equality is so pervasive that it leads to unbelievably stupid policies.

Posted January 17, 2015

Keynesian economics is a perpetual-motion machine for statists. The way to boost growth, they argue, is to have governments borrow lots of money from the economys productive sector and then spend it on anything and everything.

Posted January 16, 2015

Its very frustrating to write about the minimum wage. How often can you make the elementary observation, after all, that youll get more unemployment if you try to make businesses pay some workers more than theyre worth?

Posted January 15, 2015

The modern welfare state is a disaster. But rather than go into lengthy details, lets simply look at some very powerful images.

Posted January 14, 2015

Way back in 2010, immediately after Obamacare was rammed down our throats, I put together four guiding principles for a counter-offensive.

Posted January 13, 2015

For the past several years, on the issue of jobs, Ive focused more on the employment-population ratio rather than the official unemployment rate.

Posted January 12, 2015

There wont be any excuse, however, if Republicans move forward with a plan to hike the gas tax and further centralize transportation decisions in Washington.

Posted January 11, 2015

All these bureaucrats will probably be ashamed to learn that one of their counterparts in India makes the rest of them seem like workaholics.


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