Daniel J. Mitchell

Posted October 31, 2014

Since I criticized Paul Ryans Roadmap budget plan yesterday as part of my column against the value-added tax, I now feel obliged to defend the proposal in one important respect.

Posted October 30, 2014

Libertarians are sometimes accused of being unrealistic and impractical because we occasionally talk about unconventional ideas such as competitive currencies and privatized roads.

Posted October 29, 2014

I suspect Hillary isnt a Clinton Democrat. Indeed, its worth noting that she was a doctrinaire statist when she was in the Senate.

Posted October 28, 2014

The world is a laboratory, with lots of experiments to see if a nation can prosper with big government and pervasive intervention.

Posted October 27, 2014

I dont particularly care how people vote, but I do care whether they believe in freedom.

Posted October 26, 2014

How big? Lets go with 246-189, the biggest GOP margin since the late 1940s.

Posted October 25, 2014

Since all economic theories even Marxism and socialism recognize that capital formation is a key to long-run growth, higher wages, and improved living standards, it obviously doesnt make sense to penalize saving and investment.

Posted October 24, 2014

Its unfortunate that Senator Tom Coburn is retiring. He hasnt been perfect, but nobody can question is commitment to limited government. Hes been a rare voice in Washington against wasteful spending.

Posted October 23, 2014

This ongoing series has featured amazing feats of inane government, including the worlds most pointless road markings, photo-ID requirements for drain cleaner purchases, and a government so incompetent that it couldnt give money away.

Posted October 22, 2014

The question that policy makers should ask themselves is whether theyre willing to impose $10 or $20 of damage to the private sector in order to collect $1 of additional revenue.

Posted October 21, 2014

I wrote last year about the remarkable acknowledgement by Bono that free markets were the best way to lift people out of poverty. The leader of the U2 band and long-time anti-poverty activist specifically stated that, capitalism has been the most effective ideology we have known in taking people out of extreme poverty.

Posted October 20, 2014

While I wasnt aware of the racist history of gun control, I did have some familiarity with the fact that totalitarian governments traditionally have wanted to disarm citizens.

Posted October 19, 2014

Why did the IMF flip-flop in such a short period of time? It does seem bizarre for a bureaucracy to publish an anti-infrastructure spending study in August and then put out a pro-infrastructure spending study two months later.

Posted October 18, 2014

Yup, its a bird, its a plane, its government man to the rescue!

Posted October 17, 2014

I confess that I get a bit of perverse pleasure when a left-leaning media outlet screws up and inadvertently shares information that helps the cause of limited government.

Posted October 16, 2014

Europe in general is suffering from economic stagnation caused by a bloated public sector. Barring dramatic change, another fiscal crisis is a virtual certainty.

Posted October 15, 2014

Ive had ample reason to praise Hong Kongs economic policy. Most recently, it was ranked (once again) as the worlds freest economy.

Posted October 14, 2014

The United Nations is not nearly as bad as other international bureaucracies such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or the International Monetary Fund. But thats because the U.N. tends to be completely ineffective.

Posted October 13, 2014

Do the moocher states vote for leftists? Well, if we use the 2012 presidential election as a guidepost, 7 of the top 10 moocher states voted for Obama. That suggests that there is a relationship.

Posted October 12, 2014

The people of the United States also are confused. They support free markets, yet they also give a plurality to class-warfare tax policy.