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The Executive Barbie Doll controversy continued last week, and I could not find anyone who thinks this is ideal, even with the tag line: "If You Can Dream It, You Can Be It." Sounds perfect for the times: there are people who are either laughing at or loathing the whole thing.

The idea that role models are important is not in dispute, neither is the push from corporate America.

Executive Barbie is not new; she made her first debut 50 years ago.

  • 1963 Executive Barbie
  • 1965 Astronaut Barbie
  • 1973 Surgeon Barbie
  • 2004 Presidential Barbie

Over the years, women have become surgeons, have broken into the ranks of becoming astronauts, and could possibly make it to the White House very soon.However, the reality is, even the most influential doll in history has its limits. Also, this week, Facebook has joined other large tech companies to reveal its diversity... or lack of diversity...

The fact that women hold the company's non-tech jobs does feel like progress, or maybe it feels like the exact opposite.

Of course, speaking of women and tech, one of the most embarrassing stories last week was that of Marrisa Mayers, who missed a very important meeting because she overslept.

One of a current crop of a new type of women's lib leaders, one wonders, what is the greatest flub... the doll or the real life woman executive who had mesmerized the business world to this point. I work a lot, and can only surmise the schedule she must have.

Unfortunately, by coming to Yahoo, swinging a hammer and changing the culture that put a greater emphasis on work than life in that work-life balance, she set herself up.

In the end, it was a serious mess, and while the news might fade, any future missteps will only be made more embarrassing.
A big week of economic data, which could be amplified with light volume, and lots of economic misses have increased the importance of strong numbers this week- there are no more excuses.

Economic Data: Week of June 30th


June 30

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