Charles Payne

Posted April 24, 2014

This week, published a poll on Main Street's appetite for investing (conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates), which revealed 73% of adults are no more inclined to invest in the stock market right now, than in the past.

Posted April 23, 2014

The western world is being torn apart by (past) success and complacency, which is a deadly combination that has resulted in welfare societies being unable to denote the difference between tough love and real love.

Posted April 22, 2014

Nevertheless, it has gotten to the point where modern-day artisans, like a short-order cook in a busy restaurant, are actually looked down upon, while some high-frequency trader running computer algorithms making tens of millions is looked up to, (although with less respect now compared to a month ago).

Posted April 18, 2014

This morning, all eyes were on Google (GOOG) and International Business Machines (IBM), after both companies posted financial results that came up short of expectations. What is interesting is that these are giant behemoths, and today's action will be inconsequential in the long run.

Posted April 17, 2014

The year 1985 saw the beginning of a new dawn in technology, which would see the exploitation and evolution of a defense department project, develop into the worldwide web - the Internet.

Posted April 16, 2014

As a fan of sequestration and an advocate for much deeper cuts in the federal government, I understand that there will be military spending casualties. Of course, I think the reckless mastery of the current administration and its quest for a Utopian welfare society must make the larger sacrifices as well.

Posted April 15, 2014

The market is perfectly unwinding from last year's action, with the dogs leaping to the front, and the (2013) winners free falling down into bottomless pits. In many ways, it is remarkable that capital would seek out names called losers just weeks ago.

Posted April 12, 2014

The stock market was the biggest news of the day when the closing bell rang at 4 PM, however that all changed with the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Posted April 11, 2014

We knew the Fed would try to have its cake and eat it too, but lately there has been a louder-than-normal dissent. So, the question coming into the day is: how unifying would the message of the Fed be?

Posted April 10, 2014

It's clear that the hype over renewable sources displacing fossil fuels is a myth, but not for lack of effort.

Posted April 09, 2014

When I see the Russell 2000 getting hammered, I often think of all the failed revolutions throughout history. Sure, there are probably more professional traders in the small-caps and highflyers, but the index and a large chunk of its participants reflect that kind of us-against-the-powerful that underlines rebellion.

Posted April 08, 2014

The sell-off of high-flying momentum stocks that began a few weeks ago, like the proverbial snowball that became a boulder by last Friday, is taking a massive toll on names that had been virtually unstopped.

Posted April 05, 2014

The real battle in America continues to be the effort to reach into the pockets of corporate America to fund a Utopian nation that offers rewards as a birthright, instead of through hard work, sacrifice, and determination.

Posted April 04, 2014

Of course, government keeps getting bigger and bigger, and at some point, it will fall under the weight of its own hubris. In the meantime, it is beating down the American spirit and needs to be stopped in its tracks.

Posted April 03, 2014

On the one hand, the White House gloated about signing up 7.1 million people to healthcare plans, but in the same breath, the White House said they do not monitor how many people have actually paid.

Posted April 02, 2014

he percentage of America who think investing $1,000 in the stock market is a good idea remains well below the peak of 2000, although up significantly from that March 2009, low point. How could this co-exist with a five-year rally where the Dow is up almost 10,000 points?

Posted April 01, 2014

While foreign policy ineptitude and the inability to put together an e-commerce website - in an age when such sites are erected daily - come from the same wellspring of arrogance, in the end it's the anemic economy that's slowing down the Utopian dreams of President Obama.

Posted March 29, 2014

I guess if it is good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, then it is good enough for the stock market. A few days ago, the actress and her husband, Chris Martin, announced they are getting a divorce. However, they plan to do it a little differently because she is famous, and better than the others who also failed at marriage.

Posted March 28, 2014

The current IPO craze is not even in the same planet as 1999 and 2000, even if that is the prevailing wisdom.

Posted March 27, 2014

President Obama has found a way to make people buy a product he wants them to own, although unlike the 16th Century Queen of England, Obama's products are not "all the rage."