Charles Payne

Posted September 19, 2014

At some point weve all read the story of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves and the vault of riches hidden behind bushes that unlocked and opened upon the command of Open Sesame. Friday morning, many investors will open their wallets to buy shares in the biggest initial public offering ever, hoping for a similar reward.

Posted September 18, 2014

Developments were brewing in Washington that could have a much larger impact on the market and your retirement. John Bogle, father of the mutual fund industry, is trying to get Washington involved in your pension and retirement accounts.

Posted September 17, 2014

Our industrial machine was the engine that allowed us to win wars and to win at innovation, and while it is still not equal, it feels like we have peaked.

Posted September 16, 2014

Outside of creating human beings from scratch, I think the greatest achievement from science would be a perpetual motion machine. Unfortunately, I would have to say that the closest thing we have to a perpetual motion machine right now is our welfare system

Posted September 13, 2014

This week a lot of important economic data was overlooked by sensational non-economic news, but the tea leaves are sending out complex messages.

Posted September 12, 2014

There were no surprises in the other nights speech from President Obama. In many ways, it reminded me of the Apple presentation, except the inventor of the iPod talked about conquering the world.

Posted September 11, 2014

Initially, what the world saw in a cool demeanor and a no-drama-Obama were actions masked by an indecisive man of little conviction. I watched as he allowed the nation to move further apart, never speaking up for political opponents like the Tea Party, who were labeled derogatory names

Posted September 10, 2014

For many in and out of the market, they are only concerned about when we will get a real correction. So, I am handicapping the risks to the market.

Posted September 09, 2014

It's been a long time since non-economic issues held this much sway with investors; these non-economic issues are of greater importance than the biggest economic report of any given month. Look at Friday's session, the jobs report was a major bust, sending stocks lower at the open.

Posted September 06, 2014

I must say, this woe-is-me atmosphere is deadly, and is preventing many people from making investment decisions that could be life changing.

Posted September 05, 2014

Another day, another record for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, yet you feel like it is the end of the world.

Posted September 04, 2014

Who runs the world's most lucrative shakedown operation? The Sicilian mafia? The kleptocracy in the Kremlin? If you are a big business, all these are less grasping than America's regulatory system.

Posted September 03, 2014

Why are Americans feeling so depressed and hopeless? This is not a rhetorical question. I understand the unevenness of the so-called rally, but just as things seem to improve and start to look better on paper, Americans seem to have gone into the fetal position, bracing for disaster.

Posted August 30, 2014

Our Commander-in-Chief explaining that there is no current plan for dealing with the terror group, ISIS, beyond our containment efforts is the kind of thing that hurts the overall mood of the nation.

Posted August 29, 2014

After all, when it is all said and done, there are stocks that make a lot of money for many, while others actually lose a lot of money for many. But, why? Simple: because some people sell too early, or they sell too late

Posted August 28, 2014

Socialism is a losing policy as it stops economies from growing. It also makes people lazy. The (2013) front cover of Le Point magazine translated to English reads in part, Are the French Lazy?

Posted August 27, 2014

Are you one of those people thats been spooked out of this rally because you dont like the Presidents policies or the Federal Reserve? Well, I dont like them either, but I do enjoy eating, and I do want to send my kids to college.

Posted August 26, 2014

With so much going on around the world, the recent shooting exchange between the troops of India and Pakistan forces in the disputed Kashmir region may have gone unnoticed. According to reports, two people from both sides died in the latest round of trouble.

Posted August 23, 2014

Thursday, in Chicago, 9 year old Antonio Smith was killed in the backyard of an apartment building. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but then again, that statement applies to every black child in Chicago and any other city.

Posted August 22, 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its report, Expenditures on Children by Families, and the cost of raising a child is now up to $245,000- not including the cost of college. The most expensive part of raising children is keeping a roof over their heads and food in their bellies...


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