Charles Payne

Posted January 28, 2015

A lot of our work starts at the top down, or whats commonly referred to as macro analysis. We can take the lens further and further back to get a general picture then zoom in (micro) for details. Much is being made of the global economy, but its really about Europes perpetual fall from grace.

Posted January 27, 2015

Well, Syriza won big in Greece, setting the stage for a serious showdown that will test the nerves of lenders and borrowers.

Posted January 24, 2015

The conflicting messages from Wall Street and the end of the world collided Thursday.

Posted January 23, 2015

Is this the last gasp of the central banks? The global economy issues are becoming worse, and dont look like they are going to get any better.

Posted January 22, 2015

It is not always those triple-digit rallies that matter. In fact, in this tenuous start to 2015, it is sessions like yesterday that speak more to the state of the investor.

Posted January 21, 2015

Using hatred and envy of the rich to unleash a torrent of new taxes is not a new ploy; torchbearers beware... taxes are a beast that can turn when unleashed.

Posted January 17, 2015

There was one clear winner from the Swiss news as gold took off big time nearing a major breakout through the top of the trading channel.

Posted January 16, 2015

It was the most amazing session for oil in years. It came at an odd time as they are still shutting down rigs in North Dakota and laying off people in Houston.

Posted January 15, 2015

Where is the nations manufacturing now and in the future? For the last couple of years, weve been told its on the march. Perhaps, it is an illusion. Some may even say its a myth.

Posted January 14, 2015

For years, investment pros have told us to brace for the great bond rotation and it has not happened. In fact, it appears to be the exact opposite.

Posted January 13, 2015

It was a tough start to the New Year, and now the market has to find its footing before people really get nervous.

Posted January 09, 2015

Wednesday's horrific act of barbarism is a not-so-subtle reminder about life, death and freedom. The slaughter of 12 people over satire is anathema to what Americans believe in, and yet, it is more of a reality around the world.

Posted January 08, 2015

Once again, oil plunged and it took stocks along for the ride. Although, I do think other worries have popped up, including questions about our super-duper economy.

Posted January 07, 2015

Stocks were hammered and made headlines Tuesday morning, but I think Monday was all about oil as well as other stuff from Greece.

Posted January 06, 2015

Every year, since 2009, experts have called for the bond rally to fizzle, and every year they have been wrong. So, as experts are known to do, these same experts double down until it is unrealistic that any average investor could still be solvent.

Posted January 03, 2015

A poll taken by YouGov asked people about their feelings and plans for this past New Year's Eve. The results were interesting. In many ways, they were reflective of society in general as we begin 2015.

Posted January 01, 2015

Its been another whirlwind year that we can reflect on and learn from, and while such exercises can be derisively written off as water under the bridge, the fact is, recurring themes generally apply all the time.

Posted December 31, 2014

t looks like 2015 is setting up to be a year of political battles. There was no cooperation; both sides agreed that it was a part of Novembers mandate. One issue that will fade is higher minimum wage...

Posted December 30, 2014

The higher the market goes from here, the more likely money parked on sidelines for years will begin to trickle in...maybe even be a gusher.

Posted December 27, 2014

Could we be entering into a golden period where inflation is not only not an issue, but prices are falling in so many key areas of day to day life that it amplifies income even though wages aren't rising?


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