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Posted May 26, 2016

Dear Readers, If you've been following my columns about mindful spending, you know that this is the last week of the 30-day Financial Cleanse. For the past three weeks, each of my columns has focused on a single theme. Week 1 was about getting on top of day-to-day spending; Week 2 focused on creating a realistic monthly budget; Week 3 had you exploring your top three financial goals.

Posted May 19, 2016

Dear Readers, It's hard to believe we're already in Week 3 of our Financial Cleanse. If you're just hearing about it, the Financial Cleanse is a 30-day program my team and I developed to help people focus on how they spend their money. It gives you three simple steps to take each week with the goal of establishing what I call "mindful spending."

Posted May 12, 2016

Dear Readers: If you read my last column, you're already familiar with my new 30-day Financial Cleanse. It was inspired by my own rewarding experience with a food cleanse. The Financial Cleanse is a week-by-week program offering three simple steps per week that, hopefully, will be a real boost to your financial health and maybe to your physical health as well.

Posted May 05, 2016

Dear Readers, Recently, I participated in a 30-day food cleanse. It took discipline and control, of course. But I came away from the experience feeling better, stronger and generally much healthier. And it made me aware of unconscious eating habits that really weren't doing me any good. So what does this have to do with finances?

Posted April 13, 2016

Dear Carrie: I'm thinking of taking a distribution from my Roth IRA. What do I need to know? Are there any taxes or penalties? -- A Reader

Posted April 07, 2016

Dear Carrie: After several years as an employee, I'm launching my own construction business as a sole proprietor. I've got a great accountant for the business side, but need help figuring out the personal side of my money. Can you help? -- A Reader

Posted March 16, 2016

Dear Carrie: I've just had a baby! Things are pretty crazy in my house right now, but I want to be sure I give my daughter every opportunity I can. I have a little bit of money saved up, but I'm uncertain what the best use is for it. Should I buy a savings bond, a CD, open an investment account or put it all in a college fund? -- A Reader

Posted March 09, 2016

First, no matter your age, all 401(k) distributions are taxed as income according to your tax bracket the year that you withdraw the money, unless you have a Roth IRA.

Posted March 03, 2016

Dear Carrie: My daughter is 16 and has her first paying job. Does she need to file a separate tax return? -- A Reader

Posted February 24, 2016

Dear Carrie: My mother is quite independent and does a lot of her financial business online. I hear about fraudsters preying on seniors all the time and worry about her falling for a scam. How can I protect her?

Posted February 17, 2016

Dear Carrie: I've been carrying a number of both federal and private student loans for several years. While I've been able to keep up on payments, I'm thinking about consolidating to make things simpler. Is that a good idea? -- A Reader

Posted February 04, 2016

Dear Readers, Here we go again. Just when we thought we could put the worries of 2008 and its aftermath behind us, market volatility once again has individual investors spooked and wondering what to do. While every investor knows that risk comes with the territory, the recent wild gyrations are enough to make even the hardiest investors question their approach.

Posted January 27, 2016

Dear Carrie: I'm thinking of refinancing my mortgage since I know interest rates are going up. Does it still make sense or have I missed the boat? -- A Reader

Posted January 21, 2016

Dear Carrie: My husband and I can't come to an agreement on whom to appoint as a guardian for our three young children. He says his brother, I say my sister. How can we reach an agreement? -- A Reader

Posted December 03, 2015

What You Can Give Tax-Free Annually

Posted November 18, 2015

Dear Readers: With time rushing by and the end of 2015 in sight, you may be lamenting that you haven't accomplished all that you had planned. But even if you'll have to put off certain things until 2016, you still have time this year to make some smart financial moves.

Posted November 11, 2015

Dear Carrie: I have a question regarding my Social Security benefits from my deceased ex-spouse. We were married about 16 years, we divorced and I remarried. I am now divorced from my second spouse. Am I now able to receive survivor benefits from my first (deceased) ex-spouse? -- A Reader

Posted October 28, 2015

Dear Readers: If you're like most people, you've made a few hare-brained money decisions in your time. That's just being human. However, if you're striving to get yourself on track, I suggest that you review these ten smart money management tips. This Halloween, treat yourself to a more secure financial future!

Posted October 21, 2015

Dear Carrie: I'm turning 62 this fall and looking forward to starting Social Security. My good friend told me it's better to wait, but I'm eager to supplement my income. How do I decide? -- A Reader

Posted October 14, 2015

Dear Carrie: I would like to open a savings account or a Roth IRA for my 6-year-old son. What do you think? -- A Reader


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