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It was very entertaining to watch a dedicated, consummate politician work the room. In this case, the politician was Kathleen Sebelius, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the “room” was the entire state of Florida. Sebelius recently traveled to the Sunshine State in order to observe firsthand as the Obamacare machine whipped into action. Kathleen, the former governor of Kansas, traveled with a full complement of staff members along with the mainstream media to document this historic shift to an “affordable care” system. Sebelius eagerly pressed the flesh with “navigators” and registrants alike, as a matter of fact, any political campaign manager would have been truly proud of her enthusiastic approach.

Ostensibly, the typical collection of photo-op individuals were on hand to help demonstrate the tremendous fortitude of the American public. One man said the healthcare website keeps crashing, but he also stated that his website “navigator” was really nice and very helpful, while a woman in attendance remarked that she just wanted to be where things were happening. Unfortunately, Sebelius witnessed the continual suspension of healthcare website services. Yet, undaunted by the circumstances, our venerable consummate politician encouraged all those who just happened to show up (invited) by declaring, “Keep trying, it really was worth it.”

As Sebelius traveled the state, it was easy to see why she was selected for the job. Problem after problem was simply another excellent opportunity to spin the Obama failure into an American success story, an occasion to encourage all American citizens to strive for something that they really wanted — even if people weren’t quite sure what they wanted. Of course, no one challenged Sebelius regarding the email that President Obama read during a White House Rose Garden ceremony on October 21st. The correspondence, written by a then-Obamacare enthusiast, is the same person who has now vowed to remain uninsured after ultimately finding out that “affordable care” is anything but affordable.

At the end of the day, I’m quite certain that Sebelius and staff celebrated the crisscrossing of Florida and the firsthand accounting of Obamacare implementation as a great victory — in spite of all the difficulties. Of course, following this full day of public relations in Florida, the total number of people who were able to successfully enroll in Obamacare was — drum roll please — a grand total of two individuals. Emboldened, I’m sure they’re setting off to repeat their remarkable success in state after state, in such places as Georgia, Mississippi, and perhaps even Louisiana.

Bill Tatro

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