Bill Tatro

Posted October 21, 2014

It used to be that corporations made their money the old fashioned way-they would earn it. Now is seems that financial and accounting engineering are the only way that corporations can proclaim an improving bottom line.

Posted October 18, 2014

For the past several years the financial sector, notably the banks, would enhance their earnings by making the determination that reserves needed to be less. After all, the Great American Recovery was underway and there would no longer be home foreclosures, car repos or credit card delinquencies.

Posted October 16, 2014

After a decline of 1500 points in 3 weeks Wall Street is starting to worry. Certainly not about the market, the economy or the world at large. No, Wall Street is worried that Mom and Pop, who were just starting to dip a toe in the water, may have second thoughts.

Posted October 14, 2014

Alas, I must report, events continue to spiral out of control and my hiatus has confirmed that the politicians, bankers and mainstream media continue to be doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Posted September 25, 2014

Apparently the justification for our bombing Syria is because that is where ISIS can be found.

Posted September 23, 2014

It always seems that mainstream media columnists wait until the parade has passed them by before they go out on a limb with a prediction.

Posted September 18, 2014

The headline was dramatic Consumer Prices Fall for the First Time in Six Months. Of course, the pundits say The main reason is due to the decline in the cost of filling up at the gas station. Steaks and burgers continue to escalate further.

Posted September 16, 2014

Dont Book Your Super Bowl Tickets Quite Yet! Being stunned by the fact that my two favorite professional football teams are undefeated, I decided to bring myself back to reality and analyze what exactly makes up our economy.

Posted September 12, 2014

As the vote for Scottish independence looms, the powers to be are finally taking it seriously. The real powers being the bankers.

Posted September 09, 2014

As I listen to middle-aged parents pontificating about the poor choices college students make I obviously think they are talking about sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Posted September 06, 2014

With the most recent announcement of Non-Farm Payrolls once again it is clear that when God said I am passing out brains future Federal Reserve officials thought he said here come the rains and all headed for shelter.

Posted September 04, 2014

On paper it makes sense and yet has all the earmarks of an Obama/Biden shovel-ready project. We all know how successful that was.

Posted August 29, 2014

First it was Jimmy Carter and his $50 cash distribution to every man, woman and child in America. The idea was to jump start the economy since nothing else in the 70s seemed to be working. Next came Ben Bernanke and his speech about dropping $100 bills out of a helicopter for everyone to gather...

Posted August 27, 2014

The velocity of money continues to confound the experts yet it equates to the 1930s. Currency devaluation continues to be the Central Banks main strategy yet it still is short of its goal.

Posted August 23, 2014

Over the past five years, while quantitative easing has been the strategy du jour, the mix of so called investment money has been strangely absent one component.

Posted August 21, 2014

How could we be so successful at turning over governments? Simple! Our military might and, perhaps more important, our checkbook. Being the reserve currency has its privileges.

Posted August 19, 2014

In the world of Unicorns or politics, anything is possible.

Posted August 16, 2014

As the world continues to become inflamed in turmoil and the real economic America continues to erode, the line of government as the “they” and the populous as the “we” will be clearly defined. Simple protests will bring out a military response aka the police force.

Posted August 15, 2014

You came on the scene during one of my favorite TV shows Happy Days. Who is this crazy guy I keep laughing at, I wondered?

Posted August 12, 2014

Muslim/Islam, two words finding their way more and more into the national conversation. The amount of video being provided by ISIS, in their quest for a Caliphate, is illuminating.


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