Ann-Marie Murrell

Obama recently gave yet another televised pep rally, complete with a laughing, cheering progressive audience. The purpose this time was all about taxing his most hated class o' people, the Evil Rich (of which he finally admitted he is a part of).

He used words like "holding hostage" and offered veiled threats to the middle to lower-classed, warning us that if his offer of taxing the rich doesn't happen, the middle class (cue threatening music) WILL PAY.

As one of those middle to lower-classed people, I am personally insulted and more than a little angry.

Apparently Barack thinks we are all brain-dead like the rest of his followers and that we don't remember a few very important things.

For one, he thinks we don't remember that the first two years of his presidency he OWNED Washington!  From 2008 to 2010 he held the majority in both the Congress and Senate and he could have taxed those Evil Rich people to hell and back by now--and yet, he chose not to.  (Why, I wonder?  Hmmm...)

Another thing Barack seems to think we didn't notice is that the two things he mentioned as "good" were the Republican Bush tax cuts and the Republican-led Clinton-era economy.

But seriously, folks--does Obama really think this baby-tiny ONE YEAR ONLY tax break is a good thing for all us non-rich people?  How in the world does he expect us to get back on our feet via this "gift" of not taxing us to death for only one short year?  What happens after that, Obama?

And speaking of "gifts", we already have these tax breaks (again established by Republican President Bush) yet this Naked Emperor talks as if he established said tax breaks all by his lonesome.  It's sort of like he's re-wrapping a gift our grandmother has already given us and now we're all supposed to say, "Oh thank you so much, Obama, I didn't have one of these!"

But I digress...

Another disturbing aspect of Obama's speech was when he talked about how America needs to start operating from the top down, bottom up.  Again, does he think we've forgotten that these are almost exactly what his scary Communist "Green Czar" friend Van Jones used to preach?  Glenn Beck has done entire episodes about Jones' "top down, bottom up" theory; it was scary then, and even scarier now coming straight out of the president's mouth. 

Ann-Marie Murrell

In addition to being on, Ann-Marie is been an exclusive columnist for for 2 years and has written for dozens of political websites including, and Michael Reagan's Ann-Marie is one of the go-to Conservative reporters in Los Angeles and has covered many GOP events in California, Texas and Washington, DC. She has had exclusive interviews with many of our leading Conservatives including the late Andrew Breitbart, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, Bill Whittle and more. Ann-Marie lives in ultra-liberal Los Angeles with her husband Mark and has a 26-year old son, Jason.

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