Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, I make $25,000 a year, and Im single. I expect my salary to increase to $35,000 next year, so can I get by with a $500 starter emergency fund instead of $1,000?

Mike Shedlock

This afternoon Fed chair Janet Yellen will be mindlessly yapping about things like uncertainty but also about the strengthening economy. Meanwhile, todays durable goods report should give her something to think about.

Nicholas Vardy

When investors talk about the company at the vanguard of the revolution in electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States, only one company typically comes to mind: Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA).

Political  Calculations

For months, we've been tracking the number of dividend cuts in the U.S. stock market in near real-time, where we've been watching the number of announced reductions reach very worrying levels.

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