Michael Schaus

Apparently you need to have the date and time of your future mugging handy when applying for a concealed carry permit in our Nations Capital. Excuse me; I would like to get a carry license, because someone is going to try to attack me next Friday at 10:30 pm

John Ransom

Limbaughs book is a challenge to the skeptics to stop fighting with God; to stop trying to prove what, by their very denial of His existence, even atheists would agree that they can never prove: God's nonexistence.

Mike Shedlock

Following on the "success" of their last plan, which did nothing to spur lending and everything to create the biggest sovereign bond bubble the world has ever seen, ECB president Mario Draghi announced a a brand new failure...

Night Watch

The Ukrainian parliament did what Ukraine has been doing since its withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact. It moved forward on both the pro-Western and the pro-Russian tracks.

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