Larry Kudlow

As stocks endure their worst correction since 2011, and the battle between Fed doves and hawks rages on over a quarter-of-a-percentage-point rate liftoff, the much-anticipated August employment numbers made for a surprisingly mediocre report.

John Ransom

Almost one year after the Federal Reserve Bank declared victory in the war on unemployment and put an end to artificial stimulus measures, the enemy army is still marching on the capital and killing jobs.

Doug Fabian

The latest bout of selling in equity markets has been compared to the big drop below the 200-day moving average that occurred in October 2014.

Mark Skousen

This Labor Day weekend, millions of Americans will be driving the interstate freeways, facing a nightmare of traffic congestion. According to the Texas Transportation Institute, U.S. commuters will spend about 42 hours a year stuck in traffic jams.

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