Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, Ive spent most of my marriage not being a good husband and not being involved in our family finances. After being introduced to one of your programs at work, I realized how irresponsible I had been and went home to apologize and tell my wife about it.

Charles Payne

Midway through the most notorious month of the year (most dangerous has been September), due to the previous high profile market crashes, theres a sense of a turnaround.

Bryan Perry

Call it a green light, an all-clear sign or just a rainbow at the end of a storm, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes released Oct. 8 put to rest the debate about what the Feds position is on the prospect of rising interest rates.

Doug Fabian

When it comes to public relations, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) havent had it all too well.

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