John Ransom

The press will cover the good news adequately, while the press will cover-up the bad news adequately, too. It's all the same, after all. It's helping Obama, the only economy anyone should care about.

Mike Shedlock

Here's another way of looking at things: Only 25% of the decline in full-time employment in the 25-54 age group can be attributed to the aging work force. The rest is overall economic weakness.

Night Watch

The security situation has deteriorated in Tripoli and in Benghazi. In Tripoli, fighting between tribal militias has expanded beyond the airport region, south of Tripoli, to areas west of the capital.

Charles Payne

It’s time to banish the Fed. It’s time to re-embrace capitalism. The same way watered down academics are destroying our preparedness for the future, so too is monetary policy that water’s down the dollar.

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