John Ransom

The Republicans ought to turn the Committee into a real force to prosecute wrong-doing at the IRS as well as institute long-needed reforms.

Michael Schaus

Much like today, no-one wanted to go to New Jersey on December 26th, 1776. But, Washington and his men made the trek anyway, and ultimately emerged victorious in the Battle of Trenton. Now If we could just remind DC what that whole skirmish in 1776 was all about

Mike Shedlock

Are US shale frackers really to blame for the price crash?

Shawn Mitchell

Congress is afraid to confront the president that offended America enough to cause voters to reconfigure Congress. Sony is afraid to defy a tiny prison camp nation that paid hackers to undress Sony. Networks are afraid to honestly report on the administration that employs their spouses, lovers, brothers and friends.

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