John Ransom

Let's just say that the Obama administration is looking at the situation in Ukraine as kind of make up sex with Russia for the spats that they've had in the Middle East.

Erick Erickson

At the Washington Post a few days ago, reporter Aaron Blake noted that: "Black voters are hugely influential on the 2014 map. Six of the 16 states with the highest black populations are holding key Senate contests in 2014."

Ransom Notes Radio

How many lies have we been told by Obama’s administration and campaign machine? It almost seems like this guy will say anything we want to hear… So long as he gets a little PR help from the mainstream media. Also, Professor Stringham joined the show to defend High Frequency Trading.

Night Watch

It means they have made the decision to intervene if the conditions for intervention are met, i.e., "Russian interests are attacked." The situation is heading towards Russian intervention, probably soon.

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