Mike Shedlock

The Atlanta Fed third quarter GDPNow Forecast inched up today, primarily based on August motor vehicle sales.

John Ransom

Heres how bad it is in Europe: With economic growth projections being slashed as a result some say of a slow down in China, the European Central Bank (ECB) is getting ready to buy more government bonds. From Greece.

Daniel J. Mitchell

Like Sisyphus pushing the rock up a hill, I keep trying to convince my leftist friends that growth is the best way to help the poor. I routinely share new evidence and provide real-world data in hopes that they will realize that good results are more important than good intentions.

Bill Tatro

Having taught, lectured and broadcasted for almost 40 years, it never fails to amaze me how Wall Street, Mainstream Media and Financial Advisers in general continue to misinform the average citizen about the power of cash.

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