Paul Dykewicz

Government bungling in the face of clear evidence that the water in Flint, Michigan, had been contaminated with poisonous levels of lead drew bipartisan fire from lawmakers last week at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and may lead to federal funding to address the resulting public health crisis.

Mike Shedlock

Fed chair Janet Yellen keeps repeating the mantra inflation expectations are well anchored.

Charles Payne

Despite midday swoon in oil prices that saw West Texas Intermediate (WTI) dip down to $27.96, equities showed a tremendous amount of spunk.

Chris Versace

If we look at the charts for the major market indices over the last few weeks, you would think we are riding a world-class rollercoaster filled with sharp moves lower, followed by ascents before an eye-opening and white-knuckling fall before recovering in the nick of time.

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