Chris Versace

Last weeks Las Vegas MoneyShow provided the opportunity for me to have fascinating conversations during the conference, where I made several presentations, hosted a few panel discussions and capped it all off by appearing on Making Money with Charles Payne on FOXBusiness, which broadcasted live.

Peter Morici

President Obama has proclaimed Hillary Clinton an effective Secretary of State. All along, it must have been the plan for Russia to seize the eastern Ukraine, Beijing to build airstrips and assert sovereignty over international shipping lanes in the South China Sea, and Iran to have nuclear weapons capabilities.

D. Brady Nelson

Given that public utilities, even privately owned ones, are so heavily regulated and controlled by government, such competition for finance by them is more akin to crowding out of other investment. This drain on the economy is made far worse given every business and household is directly and indirectly impacted by the seemingly never-ending rise in utility prices (plus poor quality, and lack of innovation). The state and federal regulation of these so called natural monopolies (very worryingly, now including the Internet) in fact virtually locks in such an upward trajectory. Thus, it is in reality a tax hidden in plain sight.

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