Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, My wife and I are thinking about selling our home. I was recently let go from the military due to downsizing, and Ive begun a job in real estate but things are starting slowly. My wife brings home about $3,500 a month as a teacher, and the only debt we have is our house payment of $1,616 a month. I was given a $35,000 severance package, but we need some advice to help bridge the financial gap. Any ideas?

Mike Shedlock

On July 24, the Conference Board asked the question: Is Wage Growth Accelerating?

Political  Calculations

Last week, we considered what the potential impact of stock buybacks would be to the S&P 500 as if the venerable stock market index was the stock price of a single company.

Charles Payne

The beginning of a new month, we always look back first at trends that set the tone and whether those trends will be persistent.

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