Mike Shedlock

Oil dipped below $30 again today. As usual dip buyers or shorts covering pushed the price positive for a while. This time, however, the bounce did not last even one day. Oil is flirting with $29 and Junk Energy-Bond Costs Soar.

Charles Payne

Equity markets stage a strong rebound into the close led by oil company stocks. The Dow was down 177 points; thats 223 points off the low of the session.

Nicholas Vardy

Although now long retired, the octogenarian George Soros is widely considered the greatest speculator of all time.

Doug Fabian

We continue our current series on the most promising exchange-traded funds (ETFs) this year for growth investors by featuring the relatively new and very much in vogue PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (HACK).

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