Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, Weve made an offer on a house we really like through a first-time buyers program. Now, after looking over our budget and debts again, my wife and I are having second thoughts. We havent signed or turned in any paperwork yet. What do you think we should do?

Charles Payne

This weeks jobs report is shaping up to be more important than usual. Last Friday saw economic growth come in slower than anticipated as wages are increasing at its slowest pace ever on record.

Political  Calculations

In our last installment in our national dividend series, we were striving to turn our work in developing a consumption-based national dividend concept for measuring the economic well-being of typical Americans into a monthly economic indicator.

Bryan Perry

The first major chink in the dollars armor was felt by Wall Street recently when a key employment data point effectively sent the Fed off the playing field and right to the showers.

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