Private Solutions to Public Problems

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 11:43 PM

Libya and the Middle East seem to be grabbing all the headlines lately, but there’s another war that’s being waged closer to home.

Just south of the border, drug gangs are running loose, tearing through civilians, police and army alike as they battle each other for dominance over the golden roads leading to America.

It’s a muddled affair, as the Mexican government is all but powerless to fight these gangs, as the drug lords pay more for seasoned, trained soldiers to switch sides.

And this war has been spilling over to American soil.

There’s a movement to bring our troops home and use them to guard the 1,969 mile-long border in attempts to keep the violence on the other side of the Rio Grande.

And while this may not be popular and has almost zero chance of happening, there is another option to consider.

And we have the drug lords to thank.

Why hasn’t there more talk about privatizing the defense of our borders?

Were I living anywhere near the towns that are all but under siege, I’d be yelling this from the rooftops.

Why do you think outfits like Blackwater are so successful?

Why I think it’s a redundancy and waste of money for Blackwater to be hired by the federal government to protect officials in countries such as Iraq or Iran, it may just be the answer we need domestically.

We are a capitalist country, are we not?

I think it’s time some of these cities look into hiring some of these private military companies, as it could be the only thing that keeps them safe from border rabble.

And they better do it quickly.

Because the policies in place now aren’t working, and something needs to be done before things really get out of control.

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