Nothing Pruitt Did At EPA Is As Bad As What The EPA Will Do Without Him

Posted: Jul 13, 2018 9:50 AM
Nothing Pruitt Did At EPA Is As Bad As What The EPA Will Do Without Him

I have no idea if Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt was guilty of the several dozen charges against him. Ideally, he would have been presumed innocent until proven guilty by an ethics investigation and people would have withheld judgment until then. 

Instead, conservatives and the President tossed him to the wolves in complete ignorance of what they have lost. As I wrote earlier, socialists have rammed their ideology through the system with the Mack truck of environmental hysteria since the collapse of communism and with it they lost their economic argument. The EPA is the third most important post to socialists after a position on the Supreme Court and the Presidency. Even if Pruitt was guilty of all charges, the sum of them would never have added up to the importance of his job in combatting the socialist policies of the EPA. Pruitt’s peccadillos amounted to peanuts; socialist EPA policies cost us trillions of dollars. Can Conservatives do the math?

President Trump picked Pruitt to head the EPA because of his record as Oklahoma’s Attorney General combatting the EPA’s greed for more power and strangling honest businesses. It was a certainty like death and taxes that socialists would pull every dirty trick in the book to get rid of Pruitt. After all, he had challenged their most venerated deity – anthropogenic climate change. As head of the EPA, Pruitt was working to untangle the socialist-based policies from real science. The President and many conservatives said he was doing a good job. The rest of us could measure how effective he was by the level of hysteria he generated among the left; it was huge.

Socialists won by the sheer volume of their assault. Conservatives were naïve, unprepared and ignorant of the importance of the EPA to socialists. Most conservatives echoed the indictment that Pruitt had fifteen allegations pending against him, as if the volume alone proved his guilt. There was no need to wait for an investigation. They would sacrifice Pruitt in order to prove their self-righteousness, as if that would impress socialists. Socialists are only laughing. 

Conservatives make me think of a jewelry store owner who might hire a security guard at night. Thieves accuse the guard of stealing candy bars from the vending machine so the owner fires him. Without a guard, the thieves steal all of the store’s jewelry and the owner consoles himself with how tough he is on employees who pilfer. By getting rid of Pruitt, the only EPA head who has stood up to socialists, the left has stolen our “jewels” while conservatives pat each other on the back for being tough on a bureaucrat  whom they don’t know is guilty or not. 

Here’s another analogy: in the Gospels Jesus told of a steward who owed his boss a billion dollars. The boss forgave the debt, but the steward turned around and beat a servant who owed him ten bucks. Conservatives have forgiven Trump many more sins than left has accused Pruitt of. For conservatives who don’t get it, Pruitt would be the servant who owed the ten bucks. 

Staying with the Gospel theme, Jesus conducted himself perfectly on earth but that didn’t stop his enemies from bringing false charges against him. Conservatives have criticized Pruitt for not keeping himself above any hint of impropriety. Pruitt isn’t Jesus, but are Conservatives really so naïve as to think that Pruitt could have behaved so perfectly while assaulting the left’s chief deity that the socialists could not fabricate any charges against him? 

The new EPA head will have learned his lesson: defy the left and they will shot gun dozens of unfounded or insignificant accusations against you and the right will shoot you in the back. Now the left has a clear path to drive its Mack truck loaded with job-killing socialist policies across the land. 

Thanks for the courageous effort, Mr. Pruitt! I apologize for your “friends” who shot you in the back before you could get a hearing. If conservatives weren’t so dense this would be a lesson to them in why it’s so difficult to get good men to take part in politics: they have more to fear from friendly fire than from the enemy.