Should You Trade in Your Gas Guzzler?

Political  Calculations
Posted: Feb 27, 2012 12:01 AM
Tired of high gas prices? Are you looking at possibly trading in your old car for a newer, much more fuel efficient model? Would doing so really save you money?

Once again, Political Calculations(TM) builds the tools to help you answer questions like these! Enter the indicated data in the table here and we'll figure out if getting a newer car makes economic sense in your future!

Update: Welcome WSB-TV and Clark Howard fans! To help fill in a gap that Clark found in what we covered in this tool, here's a site that provides you with the total operating costs for just about every car running on America's roads and allows you to compare different models from different years. So, if you're looking at that more fuel efficient used car that Clark suggested, you'll be able to get the numbers you need for the tool below to find out if it really makes sense for you!

Useful Resources

Having trouble getting data for your prospective new car purchase? You might find the following sites useful in getting information for the input data table above:

The best one-stop shop for new and used car shopping data on the planet. Includes mileage data, trade-in values for your old car, typical annual maintenance costs and reviews of all the new models!

The place to go to find current auto loan rates as well as tools for determining what your monthly payment will be!

One stop shop for auto insurance information and quotes. Assuming you just don't call up your current auto insurance provider....

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