Is the fix in? Has the establishment GOP already chosen the Republican nominee?

Posted: Jan 04, 2015 12:01 AM

It is truly amazing is how hostile the leadership of the Republican Party is to the people who actually make up the Republican Party.

I can tell you first hand that the establishment GOP types dislike the libertarian/conservative coalition aka The Tea Party at least as much as the Democrats do. Probably more.

Why? Because the libertarian/conservative coalition is a real threat to their power. Do you honestly think that the GOP as it is currently constituted wants to reduce the size of government? Not a chance. A d this is why the party has been moving since 2012 to mitigate the influence of average people. Many folks who have “woken up” since Mitt Romney’s defeat may not know of the chicanery at the 2012 convention. The grass roots, primarily represented by Ron Paul and his delegates, were essentially shut out in a very ugly fashion. And this was just the beginning

The Ron Paul people in the states outwitted the establishment people in the primary process to a large degree in 2012. They got small government people elected to party positions long controlled by party hacks. As such the big shot hacks in DC have sought to systematically change the nomination and primary process to mitigate the small government wing in 2016.

The GOP believes that the “rank and file” will vote for their candidate no matter what. That they can get Bush, Christie, or Romney (Romney!) the nomination and that the people will fall in line and shut up because they so fear another Democrat in the White House. It’s a deeply cynical play. It is as obvious as it is callous. But this strategy has one huge flaw.

If the establishment GOP gets Bush, Christie, Romney the nomination many of the everyday people who generally are inclined to vote for the Republican candidate will recognize that the GOP guy and the likely Dem nominee, Mrs. Clinton, are essentially the same. Bush, Christie, Romney, and Hilary Clinton if you think about it could easily be in the same party.

And they are.


While many conservative leaders and pundits dismiss the role of the Republican National Committee (RNC) itself when it comes to determining the philosophical direction of the Party, the reality is that Party organization and procedures are vital to determining that direction and it ultimately affects public policy. This is most clearly seen at the presidential level.

The Establishment knows they don’t have the support of the majority of the GOP base or those rank-and-file Republicans who affiliate with the GOP. They know it, but they don’t care. So beginning in 2012 and continuing to the present day, the Establishment is making a powerful, and in many ways deceitful, effort to change the way that the Party selects its presidential nominee so that THEY can to continue to set the agenda. As it stands right now, the Establishment has rigged the system to make it much harder for anyone not supported by the Establishment to become the GOP presidential nominee.

The most important thing to know about the RNC Convention that took place in Tampa, Florida in 2012 was not that it was the dog-and-pony show convention where Mitt Romney was nominated. Rather, the most important thing to know is that it was the convention where the Chamber of Commerce controlled Establishment Republicans staged a power-grab through rule changes that effectively will serve to shut down grassroots efforts and candidates from having any meaningful participation in the Party process at the national level.

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