Ohio public school brainwashes 8 year olds: “Rights are special privileges the government gives you.”
Nick Sorrentino | November 21, 2014

“One must indoctrinate a child while he still fits width-wise on the bed.” – A saying from the Soviet Union


The fact is that pretty much as soon as one exits the womb one is peppered by pro-government propaganda. FDR ended, didn’t extend the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve is there to help “stabilize” the economy (not act as a backstop for the giant banks). That “we are the government.” That World War I was a war we had to fight, and so was Iraq. That the income tax is a tool of “justice” and not just blatant theft. That Obamacare wasn’t a crony capitalist vehicle for the insurance companies and Big Pharma. That roads would not exist without the government. And on and on.

Those who question these supposed civil axioms are considered turds in the punch bowl. Dismissed by a “everyone knows such and such” wave of the hand by the uninformed “informed.”

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However, thanks to the Internet the scales are falling from many eyes.

You mean the government isn’t my buddy? You mean I’m really just a revenue source and potential canon fodder?

It stinks, but that’s about it.

(From Poor Richard’s News)

So much for “inalienable rights” that are “endowed by our Creator”! The public school district of Fairfield in Butler County, Ohio is teaching students that rights come from the government.

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