The Hill: The rise of ‘Obama Inc.’

Posted: Aug 24, 2014 12:01 AM
The Hill: The rise of ‘Obama Inc.’

How’s this for a depressing passage:

“There’s just a lot more regulation going on,” Zelizer said. “There’s a lot of intersection between the economy and Washington.”

“There’s just a lot more regulation going on.” My liberal friends, “regulation” is the mother’s milk of the crony capitalist state, the “fascist light” state. Our system of “regulation” is in most regards now just a vehicle for rent seeking. Blindly defending regulations in 2014 because liberals are supposed to be for regulation, is to give power to a vested corporate oligarchy.

Am I saying that all regs are bad? No. Am I saying that people need to wake up because regulations are being gamed (and are nearly always gamed)? Yes. Am I saying that things are particularly bad right now? Yes. Am I saying that my big government friends should really think hard about why they like big government, why big government serves people in their view better than a smaller, more local, more sustainable government? Yes.

Please big government friends consider if the American people would be better off generally if there was a separation of business and state.

Because right now we are being jacked.

(From The Hill)

Members of the president’s brain trust have steadily moved outside the administration in recent years, capitalizing on their association with the Obama brand to launch careers as advisers, consultants and hired guns.

“You see people not only serving as representatives of a lobbying firm but taking these very high-profile corporate jobs. I think that is becoming more common,” said Julian Zelizer, a political historian at Princeton University. “Businesses understand that this is a great opportunity for them.”

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