Rand Paul: ‘Chamber of Commerce Republican’ can’t win

Nick Sorrentino
Posted: Jun 09, 2014 12:01 AM
Rand Paul: ‘Chamber of Commerce Republican’ can’t win

We could not agree more.

The establishment, backed by the Chamber of Commerce, has moved solidly against the conservative/libertarian wing (it’s not really a “wing” anymore) of the Republican Party in recent months. The Chamber and many of the business interests represented by the Chamber are not happy with Tea Party opposition to government expenditures which benefit big business. Why should these companies lobby in Congress if the Tea Party is just going to throw road blocks up in their way? The big companies, the ones which have long partnered with the government to get a piece of the taxpayer pie would prefer that the true blue small government types just stay home and leave the “governing” to the party and industry hacks.

The thing is the public, especially and most importantly the conservative/libertarian coalition, has had enough of the crony capitalism. The coalition has come to see (and many have long seen) that being pro-business and being pro-market are not the same thing. Big business likes government and regulations (often) because big business controls government and the regulatory process to a large extent. The Chamber of Commerce and the big companies which run the show there like government involvement. The Chamber might say that it is a champion of “free enterprise” but it is far from a champion. Free enterprise is actually pretty much NOT what many members of the Chamber of Commerce want.

Free enterprise, free markets, free prices are however increasingly what a very large portion of the American people want. They see an economy which is stagnant for most, while those who are entrenched in the crony class do well. The to big to fail folks are sitting pretty these days.

But the everyday folks are playing by a completely different set of rules. It is much harder to start a business these days. As such its harder to build wealth through sweat. It’s harder to create jobs for other people. It’s harder to succeed.

It is this sentiment which will drive many voters in 2014 and in 2016. We’ve let the big government people (Dem and GOP) run things for 30 years. It’s time for a change. The Chamber can either get on board and rediscover it’s “free enterprise” roots, or it may find itself in a very strange (and unpleasant) place over the next few years.

I think it’d be much more fun to rediscover free enterprise.

(From Politico)

“The interesting thing about it is, as I go around the country, no matter who I talk to, whether it’s the establishment — the wealthy who support our party sometimes — or the poor, people say it’s time, time for this libertarian moment, this liberty moment,” he said. “It’s no longer something that scares people, it’s what [makes] people say, we can’t run the same-old same-old, we’re not going to win with the same-old, same-old.”

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