Is Hillary the Corporate Candidate That's liberal enough for the Dems?

Nick Sorrentino
Posted: May 28, 2014 12:01 AM
Is Hillary the Corporate Candidate That's liberal enough for the Dems?

The short answer is yes. Don’t worry Democrats (and Republicans) Hillary will be plenty liberal or “progressive” or whatever the word for statist will be in 2016. But part of that package, the pro-state package, is partnering with powerful corporate interests. That’s just the way it is. The state in many ways is owned by these interests but the state also owns these corporate interests too. It is the crony capitalist tango and it is a key part of having large government. It defines our economic system and Hilary Clinton knows this and knows how to work it.

There are those on what is called the American Left who consider themselves the ardent enemies of “corporate America” of course. In fact this has been a defining part of being liberal in America for generations. It is unclear what this means however as enemies of “corporate greed” (the statist enemies of corporate greed) only seem to offer more regulation as a solution. As we have shown over and over this often isn’t an impediment at all to large corporate interests which typically have deep pockets, teams of lawyers, and lots of friends in government. In fact regulations are often written by corporations to protect and expand their interests as we have also shown over and over. And yet our progressive friends still insist that more government is the solution.

It is a foolish notion. No increase in regulation will kill the corporate state. One can regulate and regulate and regulate and the only thing which will be achieved is a stagnant economy, with declining tax revenue (something which is of key importance to those who favor a powerful state) which is controlled (even more than today) by a group of oligarchs both corporate and government based.

Of course one in theory could double down and go full socialist with the oligarchs only in the government. One could turn the government into one giant ill run corporation. Of course this is also suicide as the Soviet experience showed us.

Hillary is not likely to go full socialist. She prefers the corporate/government state. This partnership is where her power comes from and it has sprung from this croniyist well for pretty much her entire career. (Who want’s some Tyson Chicken?)

Ms. Clinton is a committed and unabashed crony capitalist who knows the political value of public/private partnerships and is very happy with the “limousine” part of being a “limousine liberal” (or progressive). Just because one is for big government doesn’t mean one can’t have nice things after all.

This puts off some on the Left, the deep reds (how’s that for a Cold War term) don’t trust Ms. Clinton, and they shouldn’t. But they are torn as Clinton has a very real chance of becoming president. The prospect of having a generally liberal woman president is profoundly enticing even for those who think Clinton should lay off the corporate sauce. And no matter how much noise is made for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders (Sanders is still an old white guy so he isn’t as interesting even as breathtakingly statist as he is) this is the sentiment which will win out. There will in all probability be no real challenge, even a symbolic challenge which moves Hillary Left a bit in 2016.

The corporate state will have won again when Hillary gets the nomination and if Jeb Bush is the GOP nominee there won’t even be a choice between the presidential candidates in 2016 for the most part. The crony capitalists will have sewn up the election long before the American people even enter the polling stations. That, make no mistake, is the goal.

The people still have enough power (for how much longer?) to insist on a truly small government, anti-crony capitalist direction even today. There is still a chance of an American Constitutional Renaissance. There is a real chance that over the next few years change (not Obama type change but real change) could happen. But there is no room for complacency at all. It will take the American people holding their “leaders’” feet to the fire and unblinking supervision of said “leaders” when they start to howl.

The Internet helps.

Corporate America is more than ready for Hillary. But America may be less ready than many think and they may become less and less ready.

And by the way, why can’t we have other party candidates in the presidential debates? If one thinks about it it is absurd that we don’t.

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