Uber and Airbnb Are Waging a Libertarian War on Regulators (We say fight on amigos)

Nick Sorrentino
Posted: May 22, 2014 12:01 AM
Uber and Airbnb Are Waging a Libertarian War on Regulators (We say fight on amigos)

This is a hack piece straight up. The author, I am not kidding, feels that Uber and Airbnb aren’t respecting the regulators, the state, the guys who are owned by their competitors, enough. Uber and Airbnb aren’t bowing to their rulers – and this is a bad thing. The big bad startups are running roughshod over the poor innocent regulators who just happen to be interested in crushing Uber and Airbnb into the ground with a boot heal to protect the taxi companies (Uber) and the hotel industry (Airbnb.)

But we must protect the people from lower prices and higher quality! We must protect the taxis who have the politicians in their back pocket and the poor starving hotel industry. I mean the author of the attached article doesn’t say this explicitly but he almost does.

Again I ask, what has happened to the American Left? No guts. Capitulation to your “betters.” Don’t disrupt. Don’t change.Conform. Conform. Conform.

It is just sad. Check this passage out for example. The author thinks he’s highlighting a “good” startup which plays by the rules.

But, as it happens, there’s a way to launch a startup that doesn’t require willful ignorance or a calculated gamble, even in an industry as thick with regulators as this one. It’s called respect. Dwolla is an Iowa-based payments company that’s competing with credit cards by using the Internet to transfer money from one party to another.The company used the first $200,000 of capital it raised from a group of local investors to formally apply for a license.

That’s right. A startup. A company with little or no revenue stream took the first $200,000 of capital it hadto apply for a licence. Just to open it’s “doors” it had to pay $200,000 to it’s masters. And this guy atThe New Republic thinks this is a good thing!

This is a “shake by the lapels moment.” Are you mad man? $200,000?Just for the right to do business in the kingdom. How many startups do you think have $200K? Shoot, when I started my business $200 meant a lot.

Our readers sometimes refer to the press, the #oldmedia as “palace scribes.” Boy is that true here.

Just remember innovators do what other people can’t do. Some people fear this. That’s OK though because the critics will be using your products soon enough. Viva la revolucion!

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