Conservative Shareholders Should Challenge Google’s Left-Wing Intolerance

Posted: Jan 29, 2018 1:41 PM
Conservative Shareholders Should Challenge Google’s Left-Wing Intolerance

Discrimination is a popular topic in today's political landscape. But what if the group regularly discriminated against is the one you would least expect?

Even unfounded accusations of discrimination garner plenty of attention. Take for example the accusation by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee that a woman was upset she had to give up her first class seat only because Jackson-Lee is black. That entirely unfounded accusation of discrimination gained media attention simply because it was made.

No one is denying that discrimination happens. Cases of real discrimination against minorities and women continue to make life and work in our world difficult for some people. But what if this unseemly act has a dark underbelly against a group that no one would suspect? Or, at least that no one will talk about?

Most people are familiar with the former Google engineer that was fired for writing a memo in which he made comments Google found incompatible with their corporate culture. James Damore wrote the memo to express his belief that it was possible more men work in technology due to personal choice and perhaps due to the inherent biological differences between men and women. Of course such notions can hardly be spoken among friends at a dinner party, much less in corporate America where any hint that differences exist will be immediately vilified.

So James Damore was fired. He then went on to let the public peer behind the Google curtain in a way that we never did before. What we saw is a company that despises white males, pays women less, loathes conservatives, and is willing to engage in every form of intolerance; all while claiming to be a tolerant work place. (Click here for 19 unbelievable statements from his lawsuit)

Consider some of the allegations made by Damore in his lawsuit against Google: 

“The lawsuit claims that numerous Google managers maintained “blacklists” of conservative employees with whom they refused to work; that Google has a list of conservatives who are banned from visiting the campus.” (The Guardian)

“The complaint argues that Google’s tolerance for 'alternative lifestyles' – the company has internal mailing lists for people interested in 'furries, polygamy, transgenderism, and plurality' – does not extend to conservatism. One employee who emailed a list seeking parenting advice related to imparting a child with 'traditional gender roles and patriarchy from a very young age' was allegedly chastised by human resources.” (The Guardian)

“...relentlessly enforce a so-called “Googley” culture where employees blacklist conservatives (blocking them from in-house communications), actually boo white-male hires, and openly discuss committing acts of violence against political opponents.” (National Review)

Apparently conservative white men are not welcome at Google. And yet, it stands to reason that conservative white men use Google for internet searches on a daily basis. One has to wonder what would happen to the jobs of many of these white male despising Google employees if every conservative white male stopped using Google and chose instead to use, say, Brave, for their internet searches. (More about Brave at the bottom on this article.)

Evidence of systemic discrimination against white males across multiple industries is building. The feeling that white males (especially conservatives) are being actively discriminated against by employers, academia, and the government has become an elephant in the room. Google has only made the conversation more necessary.

David French, writing at National Review, commented:

“Most people don’t have time to read his entire 181-page complaint, but those who do will find a comprehensive argument that Google’s corporate culture encourages, sanctions, and facilitates an extraordinary amount of abuse against conservative white males. And he has the receipts. Much of the complaint consists of screen shots of internal Google communications and postings on internal Google message boards that would constitute strong evidence of hostile-environment race-and-gender harassment if the the races and genders were reversed.”

That seems to be part of the problem. Some people have a mistaken belief that discrimination against a particular group, one they disagree with, is acceptable. So it's not that discrimination as a whole is intolerable, instead, it's discrimination against the wrong groups that is intolerable. This double standard allows some people to justify their own discrimination while condemning the discrimination (perceived or real) of others. But, as French goes on to point out, the laws that protect blacks and women, also protect white males. Any effort to conduct business differently is against the law.

Aside from the obvious, there is an economic principle here. Economist Jerry Bowyer rightly pointed out that Google is not only violating the human dignity of white conservative males, it is violating the principle of human productivity. He wrote on social media:

“To degrade and punish employees because of race or gender or ideology or religion is a violation of the principle of human dignity. It is also a violation of the principle of human productivity, which is supposed to be what gathering people together in companies to work together is about. To fire someone who is good at their job because they contradict management's philosophy is not just unjust to the person fired, but it is an affront to the shareholders, the actual owners of the company. It uses shareholder assets in a way which undermines the interests of shareholders (which is to use the best person for the job) in the interest of the social prestige of the managers.”

I would suggest that Damore has waved a large red flag to all Google investors and shareholders. Conservative investors should know what Google thinks about them. They are happy to take your money and then publicly boo and blacklist you as soon as the check clears. Oh, and you might not be welcome on campus either. And if you're a shareholder of Google, and you're conservative, you too have to consider how Google is using your money.

At this point I'm sure Google thinks they're invincible. Kind of like Enron and Lehman Brothers did a decade ago. But it's funny how things can change, especially when people are deciding how to spend their hard-earned money. I haven't bought Pepsi for over a decade since learning they use aborted baby tissue in their flavor testing. And Starbucks has no chance of seeing a single dollar of mine for their outspoken liberal views.

Google is flirting with economic and corporate disaster. Their discriminatory company culture has been seen by the world and you can be sure there will be consequences. This is this kind of company culture that people should be terrified of. One where diversity and freedom of thought and speech is not welcome. A place where people can't have stimulating conversations because there's only one view. A place where advancement has less to do with job performance and more to do with drinking the company Kool-aid. A place where the biological differences between men and women are not celebrated but ignored (and denied). A place where it's okay to harass people because they don't view the world like you do. A place where encouraging violence against people we disagree with is acceptable. A place where you are made to apologize (or fired) for having a different point of view. A place where women aren't valued as much as their male counterparts (as evidenced by the pay gap).

Google might be a mainstay of American language, but the company culture is not. True diversity welcomes different thoughts and ideas. Since Google doesn't like people that think differently, maybe it's time we leave Google alone. We wouldn't want to offend them.

Author's note: After following this story for several months I've downloaded Brave to my home computer. I'm testing it as a replacement for Google as my default web browser. If you share conservative ideas, or simply value diversity, perhaps you should consider an alternate web browser like Brave.